About me

My name is Cecilia Teixeira. Before moving to Canada,  I lived in Rio de Janeiro where I worked as an Architect and Interior Designer.

In Rio I had a very successful career, with hundreds of clients and published works on the most prestigious newspapers and magazines. That’s why my handle on social media is @CeciliArchitect    🙂

Tourism has always been my passion, and this explains dozens of trips around the world, visiting more than thirty countries.

In my opinion, Canada is the best holiday destination in the world. Canada is safe,  beautiful and affordable. On top of that, Canadians are the friendliest people you will ever find.

In August 2016, I created a small “boutique style”  company  _ Vancouver by Locals _ offering sightseeing tours.

We offer sightseeing tours in and around Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, Tofino and the Okanagan Valley. We do not make reservations for hotels, flights, events and shows.

I am a Tourism Specialist (certificate from Tourism Vancouver, the official Tourism Office of Vancouver) and I’m also a member of the Canadian Tour Guide Association of British Columbia.

This is my personal blog. Here, I write not only about Vancouver but also about my trips around the world.

To check on the tours we offer, please visit my company’s website.

See you in Vancouver!