One week in Cancun

7 days in Cancun: What to do?

Trying to keep up with my memories, I am writing this post about a previous trip to Cancun, Mexico.  This trip happened a couple of years ago but after reading the latest news, I noticed the main attractions remain the same so…  here I go!

We stayed in Cancun during one week and it was great!

The hotel: We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel and did not like it there.  Anyway, you don’t need to worry about this. You will not be able to book your stay there. I just checked online and the hotel is closed permanently.

Anyway, the location was ok, in front of the beach. Across the road there was a modern shopping center.  Breakfast was good, with plenty of options, including many kinds of beans, salads, etc.  The swimming pool was also nice and it was possible to get dive lessons there.


Swimming pool @ Sheraton Cancun

So… what was the problem with the Sheraton Hotel Cancun ?  Oh… the problem was exactly were it shouldn’t have been: In the bedroom!!!

The bedroom had a terrible mold smell and although we complained,  they didn’t move us because all rooms were booked!  The hotel was sold out for the period!

It was Spring Break.  Definitely not the best time to travel to Mexico if you want peace of mind!

On our  second day there. the hotel was “invaded” by dozens (hundreds?) of noisy teenagers.  The hotel  was transformed in hell!  Although there was security personnel on every floor, it  was not enough to silent screams and slamming doors..  The nightmare was partially avoided with us going out the most we could and returning after hours!

The buses: Buses in Cancun are really cheap but they go like crazy, regarding speed! It is not a pleasant experience, I am afraid to tell you.

The most interesting attractions we have been, besides the beautiful beaches were:

Captain Hook Barco Pirata (pirate’s ship): This is absolutely great! You go on a “pirate ship”  for dinner and during the trip the ship encounters  another pirate ship and a “battle”  begins.  It is amazingly funny and we had many laughs and a wonderful time! I highly recommend you book Captain Hook Pirate Excursion when you go to Cancun! Dinner is included and the food was also excellent!  Make sure to inform the crew  if you have any food allergy. During our trip there was a lady who almost passed out! I guess she ate, by mistake, one piece of jalapeno pepper. She couldn’t breath and her face went the color of an eggplant. Fortunately, the crew manage to take care of her and she recovered her breath after  a few minutes.

Captain Hook Barco Pirata

Captain Hook Barco Pirata

Xcaret Eco Theme Park– Xcaret is a park located approximately 31km (19 miles)  from Cancun and it’s a one day tour! There are so many things to do there that you will need the whole day.

One of the greatest attractions there is the underground river: It’s possible to swim along an underground river! This is not for the claustrophobic people, of course! 🙂   That’s the reason I tried to go but gave up at the last-minute! haha  My husband and my son  loved the experience!

While in Xcaret you can also watch flamingos in a  majestic landscape, swim with hundreds of  fishes around you and enjoy many other excellent attractions.

Also, by the end of the day comes a show that should not be missed: There’s a fantastic show with lanterns, music, dancing, even a ball game like it was practiced many years ago by the indians (“juego de bola”).

Jungle Tour (Snorkeling trip) – I found it quite dangerous,  but we had fun! You ride a small boat following a guide (there are approximately ten boats following the same guide) and you go all the way to a snorkel’s paradise located near the  Club Med. It’s ok and funny to ride the boat by yourself , but as soon as the boat leaves the channel and gets into the sea, the waves are kind of “aggressive” and you must take extra care to “fight” the waves in a  45 to 90 degrees angle otherwise your boat can flip..

Also, when a larger boat crossed our way or went side by side moving faster,  it was really tough to fight the waves.   It is not  “easy” but after it ends  and you see your pictures and remember it all… the good memories remain!  🙂

We still don’t have plans to return to Mexico (such a big planet, so many things to see…) but the memories we keep are really nice. If you are planning a trip there, I bet you will have  a lot of fun! Enjoy!

Happy travels!  🙂

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