Skiing in Wengen, Switzerland

View from our room at Sunstar Hotel Wengen

View from our room at Sunstar Hotel Wengen

We have been to Wengen a  couple of years before but at that time we were on a sightseeing trip, not on a ski trip. The first time we have been to Wengen we were traveling with our three children and just passed by while our train was on its way to Kleine Scheidegg.  Kleine Scheidegg is the station where the trains that are going  to the top of the Jungfrau departs,  and at that time we were with our children, the “Top of Europe” (Jungfrau)  was our destination.  The scenery is so astonishingly beautiful that at that time we said to ourselves: “We must return to this place someday in the future!“.

So… the day has come and in January, 2006 we went to Wengen to stay there during ten days.

We stayed at the beautiful Sunstar Hotel, rated  4 star and with all amenities necessary to make a ski vacation unforgettable. There were an indoor swimming pool, beautiful views from the bedroom, awesome food, fireplace and piano on the main lobby and also an excellent ski storage room. The cable car to hit the slopes is almost in front of the hotel, all you have to do is walk less than 30 feet! 🙂

Sunstar Hotel Wengen Switzerland

Sunstar Hotel Wengen

Wengen is a small resort and there is no pollution at all, as there are no cars. You travel to Wengen by train (one of the most scenic journeys in this planet) and when you get there you call the hotel and they will pick you up at the train station, in a fancy golf cart. As everything is close by, this process takes less than 10 minutes!

Skiing in Wengen

IPrivate Ski School Wengenn order to have more fun skiing, we got a private instructor at “Privat Ski School“. The owner was our guide and the guy is really amazing: he can ski backwards on quite steep terrain, and you go following him feeling much more confident and thinking “well… is he can go here skiing backwards… for sure it’s not that bad / difficult so… I will make it!“.  🙂

And in fact we did!

Private Ski School Wengen

We had a lot of fun!

Food in Wengen is amazing! Wherever you choose to have lunch you will have a very generous portion and super tasty as well! Yummy! 🙂 The pictures below show some of our dishes at Sunstar Hotel, as we chose the “half board” option, meaning  full breakfast and dinner.  Give a look at the sweets! Oh, we put on some weight after our staying there! The food was really amazing! 🙂

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One of the problems in this region is that the weather can be tricky sometimes. We had very bad winds during some of the days we were there and all ski-lifts / cable cars were shut down due to high winds.  During these days there was no other alternative than go walking along the beautiful paths enjoying the amazing scenery.

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Map showing all runs closed and many people walking along the street as there was no ski due to the weather.

In my opinion, the Jungfrau region is the prettiest scenery on this planet. Ok… comparing with the 28 countries where we had been until now…  🙂

While skiing we had our favorite lunch spot: the restaurant located at Kleine Scheidegg, outside, with an excellent view to the Eiger! By the way, I highly recommend a book when traveling to this region: “The White Spider“.  It’s about hiking the Eiger, some successful stories and some tragic ones, but it’s a book that everyone traveling there should read in order to “experience” the Eiger  more properly _ even if you are like me, with no intention to hike the Eiger!  🙂

Eating in Switzerland

As you can see on the above picture, the meals are quite huge in Switzerland. The rosti is done outside, in an enormous iron pan and it tastes good…. oh..  how I miss this place! 🙂

Skiing in Wengen This is quite funny! One of the gondola stations has this guy totally broken in a ski accident… haha..  so… dear husband sat at his side and told to me: “Go slow or you can be like him, he?”  🙂

Skiing in Wengen

Lovely scenery,  well marked runs (not as well marked as in Courchevel…  but they are fine..)

As I said before, weather can be a concern in this region and when the wind is blowing at 100km/h (as we saw during a couple of times) the alternative is go sightseeing. We went to Murren, Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen and many other places in order to enjoy our days when skiing was “mission impossible”.

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For people who like to gamble, there’s a Casino in Interlaken. We don’t like to gamble, so we just took this picture from the outside.

The sunny days in Wengen were appreciated in style… haha… and we had a lot of awesome moments there!

Winter in WengenBesides the owner of “Privat Ski School” we had another ski instructor who was also awesome! Unfortunately I can’t remember his name but he is very well-known in Wengen because he owns a guesthouse and also fantastic miniature electric  trains that run on tracks (like the real ones, with stop signs, “buildings” around, etc).  Best of all: The guests are invited to take control of the trains!

After skiing with him the whole day in Grindelwald and First he invited us to his property where we saw the miniature trains running and my husband could control one of the trains as well!  The views of his property are awesome and we could see the clouds under us, along the valley located many meters bellow. So pretty!  🙂

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While you are staying in this region, don’t miss the Schilthorn!  You go to Murren and from there you  take a cable car all the way to the top. That’s James Bond territory! In 1969, the movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”  was filmed here!  For sure a place not to me missed! 🙂

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On the way back, I recommend you walk in a leisure pace along Murren village.  You will be delighted by its architecture!

wengen-bond-5I hope you enjoyed our post about Wengen in Winter! Have you been there too? Do you agree with me that this is one of the most scenic places in our little planet?

Thank you for visiting! Share this post if you like it! 🙂


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