Courchevel: Probably the best ski resort in Europe

Courchevel 1850

(Year 2008 ski trip)

We flew from our home in Rio de Janeiro to Washington D.C. and from there we got a plane to Zürich. We stayed in Zurich two nights than we took a train to Geneva. From there we took the Alpbus to Courchevel 1850.

We have been to Courchevel before and returning there was an enormous pleasure as it’s one of the best ski resorts in the world!

Stylish Courchevel

Everything in Courchevel happens in style… 🙂   It’s a very expensive ski resort but it deserves every penny if you can afford it!  Look to this horse’s carriage with a large Louis Vuitton suitcase! Isn’t it classy?  🙂

How to get there: The road from Geneva to Brides Le Bain was very busy so at the time we got to Brides Le Bain the Alpbus had already left!  😦   The Alpbus company was very helpful:  They gave us a voucher to go to Courchevel  1850 by cab. It was a delightful experience, as in the previous time there (2005) we went by bus.

Of course, traveling by cab is much more comfortable and the trip takes less time. We definitively will choose this kind of transportation in our next trip to Courchevel!


Food is pricey but usually creative and delicious!

Courchevel 1850

Skiing on the red trails is not “particularly” easy there but if you are following a couch / ski instructor you turn your life  much easier, that’s for sure!

I hired a Private Instructor (Monsieur Alain Leger) and he is really excellent!!!  He does not speak English very well (just a few words) and I don’t speak French but we had a wonderful time skiing together during a couple of days! 🙂  If you need an excellent ski instructor in Courchevel, look for him at the Ski School and you will not be disappointed!

Excellent ski instructor in Courchevel

Excellent ski instructor: Monsieur Alain Leger

We skied to a lot of places, each day a different one. The Trois Vallée is a great place to go because each day you can ski in a totally new place, you don’t need to repeat any runs if you wish so!  It’s really awesome!

Courchevel-19 Courchevel-20

Beautiful scenery, wonderful food, very well-marked trails: This is the recipe for an unforgettable ski vacation! From beginner to expert, if you choose Courchevel as your destination you will have fond memories for your whole life! 🙂

Courchevel-17 Courchevel-18

On Wednesdays there is a street market and you can buy delicious cheese and many other organic products from farms located nearby.  There are also some vendors selling sweaters, coats, etc.  I bought a nice coat that cost only 31 Euros! Probably this was the unique cheap thing I found in Courchevel  haha! (comparatively, just  one glass of beer cost “only” 9 Euros at that time…..surreal!)

Courchevel-13 Courchevel-14

Best place for crepes in Courchevel.  Simply delicious!  🙂

Courchevel-15 Courchevel-16

I came all the way from the top… Oh My Lord! 🙂   Later I was drinking beer at the hotel to celebrate one more day of skiing and returning in one piece! 🙂

ICourchevel-10 Courchevel-11

To see and to be seen… this is part of Courchevel’s culture! 🙂

Courchevel-12 Courchevel-7

Pricey beer (9 Euros each glass and they go fast… haha).  Also the views from the gondola in a beautiful sunny day! 🙂


I guess this is the toughest ski run I have skied so far…  It’s not rated “black diamond”, it’s “only” a “red run”  but the fact is that everything in Courchevel is “under rated”, probably to make people don’t feel so scared…   haha

As an example, many runs in Italy are much less steep than this one and much wider and… they are rated as “black diamond”  (difficult)  there!

So… regarding skiing and run grades, don’t think that the same criteria will be valid for all resorts.  The “medium difficulty”  runs in Courchevel are the “difficult runs” in Snowmass, as an example.

While I was skiing this run (called Combe de La Saluire) it was incredible to see people who have felt rolling without control and only stopping many meters below! It was scaring!


During our ski trips we skied to Saint Martin de Bellevue, a lovely little town in the Trois Vallées. For sure, staying in Courchevel is a plus! From there we went skiing to Val Torenz, Meribel, Courchevel 1650, Le Platz, Saint Martin and many more! Wow!

From Courchevel (France) we went to Wengen (Switzerland) for more ski! 🙂  Wengen  is one of our favorite resorts in Europe and we have been there many times, not only in winter but during summer as well!  If you want to read about Wengen, do on the “search”  field on the top right and you will read about our adventures there!

Safe travels to all of you and if you need any info please send a comment and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have! 🙂


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