Ten reasons to travel to Montreal

Montreal is one of the prettiest Canadian cities. Reasons to go there? Many!

  1. Practice your French

Montreal is Canada’s most European city and has a strong heritage of French culture. I would say that the city is divided in French neighborhood and English neighborhood. When staying at the French neighborhood you will likely listen French all the time. If you don’t speak French, no worries, as everyone there will understand and reply to you in English.

2. Embrace Mother Nature

Go up the Park Mont-Royal!

Mont-Royal is located downtown Montreal and it’s wonderful. This is the best place to start your tour along the city. You can walk (or bike) to the top and from where  you will have awesome views of the city.

3. Enjoy the flowers in one of the best Botanic Gardens in the world

Montreal Botanical Garden is famous as being one of the best in the world. We have visited many of them (Oxford, UK; Edinburgh, UK; Singapore, etc) and I agree: Montreal’s Botanical Garden should be visited whenever you travel there

4. Go Biking

The channel along the city is charming and ideal for those who love riding a bike (like we do). Bike along the “Canal de Lachine” (Lachine Channel) for wonderful time exploring the city .

5. Rebate on taxes

It’s possible to get up to 20% tax rebate on your duty-free purchases when you leave the city. If you like “shop till you drop”, this is an ideal city to do so. You probably will be very happy shopping at Mile End. This is the equivalent to the Soho area in New York City.

shop in Montreal-1.jpg

Shop in Montreal

6. Historical Sites

There are several historical sites to visit and among them I highly recommend the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Monttreal Cathedral-1

Notre Dame Cathedral

7. Eat like a king

Regardless your favorite kind of food, Montreal has it all. I think I have never seen so many restaurants in a city as I saw there.

You will find marvelous French restaurants, petit bistrôs, boulangeries and patisseries to die for. Besides French cuisine, you will find restaurants from all over the world.

Eat in Montreal-1.jpg

Restaurant Sho Dan, Montreal

8. Eat poutine

When you first see poutine it doesn’t look particularly “beautiful” but when you try it…. Oh my Gosh! It’s delicious! There’s no better way to eat French fries! 🙂

9. Learn, learn, learn

Few cities in the world have so many interesting cultural sites as Montreal. I highly recommend you visit the Biosphere. There you will learn about environment and will also see super cute animals. We saw the lemur! The real one! For Madagascar movie fans as we are, it was a awesome 🙂

10. Grab some beers!

Montreal has several microbreweries and for them, beer is a very serious business. You can go by your own or on a guided tour that will take you around. Good because you can drink without worrying of getting lost and forgetting where your hotel is located, he?

Where to stay in Montreal: We stayed at Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain.  We loved the location, the nicely appointed room and super friendly staff. For sure we will stay there again when returning to this beautiful city!


Have something to add? Drop me a line and share your thoughts on the comments below. Thank you!


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