Skiing in Aspen, 2010

2010 January / February Trip to Aspen, Colorado

Skiing in Aspen Colorado

We flew Continental Airlines from Rio de Janeiro to Houston and from there we changed planes and flew to Denver Airport. We rented a car from Hertz at the airport  and drove directly to Aspen.

It was our first time flying Continental Airlines and we found the service very good. In fact the food and boarding process were much better than we usually find with United Airlines. Good to know, although from May 2010 the two companies were turned into one big flying company.

On our way to Aspen we stopped at Safeway (near Glenwood Springs) in order to buy groceries as prices there are much cheaper than in Aspen’s supermarkets.

We drove to the place where we usually stay when we go on ski holidays: The wonderful Stonebridge Condominiums.

After arriving we returned the rental car as it is not necessary to have a car while you are staying in Aspen / Snowmass during winter. The Condominium where we always stay is ski-in / ski-out and if we need to go into town, all buses are free!

This is the best tip I can give for someone who wants to go to ski in Aspen / Snowmass:  Try to stay in a condo that is really close to the slopes and avoid driving. The public transportation is excellent, it’s free and you will not have to worry about driving with snow, ice and so on. Besides, finding a park space downtown Aspen can be tough and usually expensive as well.

safeway (1 of 1)

On our way to Aspen we stopped at Safeway (Glenwood Springs) to buy groceries.

stonebridge (1 of 1)

Stonebridge Condominiums, Snowmass Village

We were very happy to notice that our new skis arrived before us! We bought two new pair of skis! One Atomic Ladies Cloud 9 (2010 for ladies) and one Atomic Smoke 2010.

We were very excited about testing them on the following day!

On the next day, before going to Hertz to return our car and pick-up our most lovely guest (our son) we stopped by the Snowmass Horse Ranch to take some pictures of a house an old friend of us (Mr R.J.) used to have there.

ranch (1 of 1)The Horse Ranch entrance

ski-test (1 of 1)Testing the new Cloud 9 Skis. All I can say is that they are GREAT!

A small parenthesis: I would like to send many THANKS to Mr Rico from Molitor Sports in Wengen (Switzerland). I was very happy with the service I received in his shop when I changed by old ski boots and bought new ones.

Mr Molitor is very professional and knows every detail about ski equipment. So… although we were not going to Switzerland this year I drop him an email asking for advice about what skis I should buy and got all his attention giving me advice. If you go to Wengen in Switezland I recommend his shop (at the Main Street) to buy (or even rent) ski equipament. The best place to look for ski equipment in Wengen is Molitor Sports!

corduroy (1 of 1)Beautiful day in Snowmass. Perfect corduroy !

Flavinho (1 of 1)

Our guest F who came all the way from Washington D.C. to stay one week wit us

Cloud 9 Skis for ladies

Atomic Cloud 9 for ladies! My test gives them an A+

lift (1 of 1)Me and my husband on perfect weather conditions in Aspen Snowmass

aspen (1 of 1)Downtown Aspen on a snowing night.

tree house (1 of 1)This new construction at the base of Snowmass Mountain is called “Treehouse” . I prefer as it was in the past, when the “Treehouse” wasn’t there and we could see the runs while driving into Snowmass.

Whenever we are in Aspen during the Winter Games we go to Buttermilk Mountain (also called Tiehack) to watch at least one day of competition.

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Winter Games 2010

US Navy challenge was to “chin up” 21 times.  My son managed to do it 16 times and got a beautiful t-shirt from the Navy as  a participating gift.

Our favorite restaurant in Aspen is Takah Sushi and we go there many times. It is always good, with creative and fresh specialities.

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Usually there are shows happening downtown Aspen during winter.

2010 show was performed by Ghostland Observatory and it was really great!

Ghostland Observatory in Aspen

Ghostland Observatory in Aspen

This show was pretty cool! Ghostland Observartory in Aspen 2010! Thanks to Budweiser! Our guest F had already returned to his job in Washington D.C. and could not join us at the show. Anyway… it was GREAT! Music and lasers! You can see the new bottle of Bud Light in my hand!

Our son returned to his house a few days before  our departure.

On the last day we rented a car to go to Denver. We like to add one day before the flight in case anything happens on the way.  We had a mad weather on our way to Golden and witnessed many accidents along the journey.

We stayed at Courtyard by Marriott Golden as it is near Denver Airport and we would have the opportunity to visit Golden.

car (1 of 1)

There was a lot of snow and we had to deal with it…

Courtyard by Marriott s very convenient for someone driving to / from the mountains in case of bad weather etc . Rooms are ok and breakfast is good ( it is a self-service breakfast buffet that should have been refilled more eficiently).

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On our way to the airport we killed some hours visiting Denver Zoo. It’s a great place to visit if you are in Denver and have some free time before flying.

After visiting the Denver Zoo we went to Hertz (at Denver Airport) and returned our rental car.

Then we got a plane from Denver to Houston and from there we got a plane to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (where we lived at that time).

If you want to see more pictures from this trip please visit my Flickr gallery on

Happy travels!  🙂

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