3 days in Edinburgh

Visiting Scotland

While in Oxford we went to Avis to return our car. From Avis Oxford we walked to the train station. It’s very close, less than 3 minutes walking.

Oxford train station is comfortable and we had a nice time there while waiting the train.

The journey to Edinburgh (Scotland) was very pleasant and the train is nice.

When we got to Edinburgh we took a cab at the train station and went directly to Doris Crook Bed and Breakfast.  This B&B is located at 2 Seton Place – Edinburgh – EH9 2JT. It cost 35 pppn with breakfast. It’s a beautiful house in a very nice neighborhood.

Oxford Train Station, UK

Oxford Train Station, UK

At Oxford Train Station, managing 4 big suitcases and waiting the train to Edinburgh

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As soon as we unpacked we got on our folding bikes to downtown Edinburgh.

edinburgh-castle (5 of 15)The most important street in Edinburgh: The Royal Mile

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With over one million visitors a year Edinburgh Caste is Scotland’s top attraction. Here you can see the Scottish Crown Jewels, the Honours of the Kingdom and the Stone of Destiny. The National War Museum, National War Memorial and St Margaret’s Chapel are also points of interest at the castle and you should also visit while you are there. Last but not least, enjoy the wonderful views of Edinburgh.

St Margareth, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

St Margareth, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

After visiting the Castle we rode our bikes to the other side of the city: We went to Calton Hill to admire the superb view of the city.

Before you ask: Where to park the bikes near the Castle? It took us time to discover….. Before going to the main entrance, you will see a ticket booth before the big square (on your left). Just in front of it there is a fence and you can park your bikes there and of course….. lock your bikes!

One suggestion to the Castle’s administration: Create a bike parking lot near the entrance. We are in a era of green vehicles, and it would be nice to find a “real place” to park our bikes instead a fence of a house….

We had lunch at  delicious place: Pig sandwich! 🙂

Pig sandwich, Edinburgh

Pig sandwich, Edinburgh


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Calton Hill is another place that should not be missed when you are visiting Edinburgh. From there you will have an impressive view of Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, etc

After a lot of walking and biking (all the way to the top of Calton Hill!) it was time to charge batteries!

Charging batteries

One of the best attractions in Edinburgh is the Royal Botanic Garden. We have been in many Botanical Gardens around the world but it’s difficult to find one as good as the one in Edinburgh.

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Dinosaurus footprint @ Edinburgh Botanic Garden

Dinosaurus footprint @ Edinburgh Botanic Garden

Edinburgh’s traffic is heavy during rush hour! We found it interesting as all buses have two decks!

Rush hour in Edinburgh

Rush hour in Edinburgh

First: Drivers are VERY polite in the UK

After three days in Edinburgh we went to the Avis Rent a car by cab.

Bikes in the cab

Bikes in the cab

The  English cab drivers are the best in the world, and here are my reasons for having this opinion:

First: The cab drivers are very polite in the UK,

Second: The driver will never ask you “where is it?” or “which way do you prefer?” They KNOW the roads and they take you to your destination safely;

Third: The English cab has plenty of room space. You can take your luggage, your bikes and still be comfortable!

Get a cab in England or Scotland! You will not regret the experience!

On the other hand…. I have never seen an Avis office worse than the one in Edinburgh! Do NOT rent Avis in Edinburgh!

The service there is REALLY BAD! We had reservations and arrived at Avis office 10 minutes before the schedule AND…… there were NO CARS!!!

Can you believe that?

They said they had a “problem” and the cars were not there so we had to wait till someone could pick up a car at the airport. Not only us. Everyone that arrived at the office got the same problem so in a few minutes a huge line was formed with people sitting on the floor as there was not enough room for everyone.

Avis Edinburgh: Terrible

Avis Edinburgh: Terrible

Everybody that was there had the same issue and a  huge line was formed.  We had to wait almost THREE HOURS for a car. Is this a rental car agency? No way!

Avis Edinburgh is the WORST car rental I have ever been!  If you want to rent a car in Edinburgh go to Hertz, National, Europe, etc

One more reason for NOT renting Avis in Edinburgh: National, Europcar, etc are located INSIDE the train Station. Avis is far from the train station (you MUST take a cab and their office is situated  in a narrow and hidden street). IF the  service was good….ok…. it could work but they are not organized there. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.

From Edinburgh we drove NW . We used the Nokia Maps feature of the E71 mobile phone. It’s wonderful and you can use it instead of buying the expensive maps from Garmin. The service from Nokia is free during the first 7 days and after that you pay a very reasonable amount to continue to use Nokia Maps on your mobile. I highly recommend this feature while traveling in England. The Orange Provider is very good and we had no problems of shadow zones while we were in the UK.

If you want to read pre previous post (what we did before arriving in Edinburgh, please click here:

Next destination? Oban

OBAN: Here we go!!


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