Oban, Mull, Iona and Staffa.

This is the continuation of our trip to Scotland.

If you want to visit our previous staying (Edinburgh), please click here.

From Edinburgh we drove to Oban. When we left Edinburgh the skies were “black” , as if a huge storm was approaching. Most of the roads were with a “Storm Advisory: Flood can happen”! Wow… is this the way to start a day driving on the right side of the road?  🙂

We headed north along Loch Lomond stopping at Luss.

Luss, Scotland

We had lunch in Luss at The Village Rest Food and Drink. It was really delicious!

The skies were black. It looked like it would rain dogs and cats! Even with the storm advisory we went for a walking around Luss.

Loch Lomond

Loch LomondLoch Lomond

Loch Lomond

We arrived safely at Oban and went straight to our B&B: Dunheanish Guest House (located at Ardconnel Road, Oban, Argyll, Scotland, PA34 5DW). It cost us 35 ppp (pounds per person) including full English breakfast.

It’s a very nice B&B with gorgeous views from the sea. The “unique” problem is that the B&B is located on the top of a hill and I found it VERY hard to drive and park there. Not only because I was driving on the “wrong side of the road” but also because the car I was driving (a brand new Opel Vauxhall Meriva) had NO emergency brakes!!!

As you know, every car has an emergency brake usually located near the gear or near the pedals . This Open Vauxhall Meriva had NOT the “normal” emergency brakes! It had only a BUTTON located on the panel!!!! It was really scaring to park on a steep and quite small parking lot, having to push a bottom while trying to park the car. My heart was like crazy because of the adrenaline produced during this parking process! Although the car is very comfortable, I do not intend to rent this brand again.

Dunheanish Guest House, Oban, ScotlandDunheanish B&B is the house you see on this picture. Great views from there but there are other places with better access.

Dunheanish B&B, Oban, Scotland

It’s good to check the ratings given by Scottish Tourist Office before traveling. We have made our reservations following the 4 stars criteria.

Dunheanish B&B, Oban, Scotland

Dunheanish B&B, Oban, ScotlandMy car is the silver one at the parking lot of Dunheanish B&B. Park this car here was one of my scary driving experience ever.

Oban, ScotlandWe took this picture from the lateral window of our room.

Oban, ScotlandLive Scottish music on the streets

Oban, ScotlandListening to the bagpipe in Oban

The sun was “up”  till 10pm! Scotland in summer is paradise!

Sunset, Oban, Scotland

Oban, ScotlandOban is the fish capital of Scotland. We saw many fishing cages and lobsters.

Ok… we ate them too! 🙂

We went on a day excursion to visit three islands: Mull, Iona and Staffa.

The tour left from Oban Harbour and is renowned as one of the best day tours in the UK, providing a scenic route through the beautiful island of Mull and a visit to the Isle of Iona where Columba landed in 563 brought Christianity to Scotland from Ireland.

Oban going to the islands

On the ferry on our way to Mull, Iona and Staffa

The first island to be visited was Mull. The boat that goes there is a big one and carries cars, bikes and people.

Visiting Mull, Iona and StaffaFrom the boat we can see beautiful landscapes, including castles

Oban to Mull

The lighthouse stays alone and its supplies come by helicopter. You can see the helicopter in this image.

In Mull we went on a bus excursion along the isle. It was really great.

From Mull to Iona we took a smaller boat.

Iona, Scotland

Iona. Scotland

Here, in the Isle of Iona, Columba landed in 563 bringing Christianity to Scotland from Ireland.

We visited the  famous abbey founded by St Columbus before continuing  to the uninhabited Island of Staffa, which is famous for its basaltic formations, the best know of which is Fingals Cave, immortalised in Mendelssohns Hebridean Overture.

Iona, Scotland oban (13 of 52)Isle of Iona, Scotland.

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Iona, Scotland

Before leaving Iona we had a delicious lunch.

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Iona, ScotlandGuess what? We saw this large truck (with money? haha) from the Bank of Scotland! What a truck from a bank does in an almost desert island? 🙂

Iona, ScotlandThe white house is the restaurant where we had a wonderful lunch

Iona, ScotlandWaiting in Iona for the small boat that would carry us to Staffa.

Iona, ScotlandOn our way to Staffa.

We had huge waves while sail

Staffa, Scotland

Sailing to Staffa.

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Staffa, ScotlandStaffa, Scotland

Staffa, Scotland Fingal's Cave, ScotlandThe interior of Fingal’s Cave: Astonishing!

Staffa: Isn’t it remarkable? How nature could create such forms? Just imagine the pressure these stones were submitted to have this shape after all.

Staffa, Scotland Staffa, Scotland

Puffins, Staffa, Scotland

While we were leaving Staffa we saw dozens of puffins swimming! They were so cute!

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Our return trip was composed by cloudy skies (threatening cloudy skies!) and huge waves! We met a very nice couple from Virginia, USA and we went to the bar to drink pure Scottish malt and forget about the cold and the waves! 🙂

oban (51 of 52)When we returned to Oban we had this beautiful rainbow waiting for us!

oban (50 of 52)

View from the terrace of our B&B

oban (52 of 52)View from the terrace of our B&B


July, 22th 2010: Beautiful morning. After staying 3 days in Oban (slept 2 nights at the B&B), we are leaving in the direction of Isle of Skye.

If you want to see other pictures I took in Oban click here .  For Mull pictures click here  .  For Iona Pictures click here and for Staffa pictures click here.

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