Exploring St Andrews

We drove from Perth to St Andrews.  St Andrews is named after Scotland‘s patron saint.

St Andrews

We did not plan to go there in advance, so we had no reservations. It was tough to find a place to stay as almost all good B&B were sold out due to the 19th Open, the famous Golf  Tournament happening there at the moment.

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After listening many “Sorry, we are sold out” we found a very good B&B called Bell Craig House conveniently located in the town’s core.

Bell Craig House

Bell Craig House

St Andrews MUST DO‘s :

  1. Visit the ruins of the Cathedral, once the most magnificent in the country. St Andrew’s Castle ruins are located a short distance and there you will be able to visit the tunnels to the dungeons.

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  2. Visit the Old Golf Course.  Golf has been played here since the 15th Century and you will love to see how beautiful it is.St Andrews golf course
  3. St Andrews University is astonishingly beautiful and you can visit many buildings as well as the Chapel. One additional charm to this place is to imagine Kate and William flirting right there!University's Chapel
  4. We went on a very scenic bike/walking path in the direction of the Air Force Base. There’s an arm of water that can’t be crossed because the tides change quickly. We stayed there during a while watching the fighters take off and land.

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  5. There’s also a very nice hiking trail if you walk all the way to the right (whenlooking to the sea). You will find a narrow trail that goes along the ocean with many wild flowers and incredible views of the ocean.

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  6. Another attraction that should not be missed is the stones that were molded by water erosion along the centuries. We took many pictures there while admiring the strange rock formations.

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  7. Last but not least, enjoy the local pubs! There are many to choose from and we had a delightful time in all of them. Cheers!

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St Andrews is one of the most scenic towns in Scotland. In my opinion, any tour to Scotland should include at least two days in St Andrews.

Thanks for visiting and happy travels!

St Andrews by bike

You may want to visit my Flickr gallery  with more pictures of this great place!

Do you want to know what was our destinations after visiting  St Andrews? Ah… we went to Edinburgh in order to return our rental car and from there we took a train to London.  The story goes on….


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