3 days in London. By bike.

London in 3 Days: What to see

We have been to London many times before. As an Interior Designer, I felt it necessary to go on a regular basis in order  to keep up-to-date within news regarding decoration and Interior Design.

We have been in all kind of accommodations before, since 3 stars  hotels to 4 stars serving champagne during breakfast (wow… that was good). We had  also stayed in a B&B  located in  the noble Sloane Square neighborhood. If you return to this blog in the future you might find some of our past trips there. I am in the process of writing and uploading all my trips (this is a very ambitious project because there are away too many trips,  but I am working on it).

This time we have been already in a long (and costly) trip that started in Chicago (USA) plus  England’s countryside  plus Scotland. It was time to save some pennies! 🙂  In  order to spend less we chose a very funny and unpredictable place: We stayed in a B&B located on the upper floor of a….. PUB!  haha…   This was also conveniently because whenever we were thirsty all we had to do was  to go downstairs and ask for a pint!

The New Inn
2 Allitsen Road, St John’s Wood,
Tel: +44 (0)20 7722 0726

We paid 80 Pound/night,  a real bargain regarding London prices. Breakfast was charged separately (6 pounds if Continental breakfast and 8 pounds if full English breakfast).

The owner of The New Inn is very friendly and gave us  a safe place to store our bikes during the night. The bedroom was pretty small (as most of London hotels are) but it was clean and had a private and modern bathroom.  We loved our staying there but would not return during summer because we missed a “real” air conditioner (there was only a portable “tower” for refrigerating that was not enough).

We arrived in London by direct train from Edinburgh. It is a 2.30 hours trip and each ticket cost 55 Pounds.

As regular tourists of this amazing city, we have done a lot of sightseeing before and we had already been to the most important attractions more than once.

This time we did things never done before like… biking all around London! It was cool and we only took the subway once due to the rain!  All other sightseeing places we went by bike! It’s really good to see London from a different perspective!

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We biked along the Thames river enjoying the views of the famous monuments like Parliament Houses, London Tower, London Eye, etc

LondonIt is great to photograph this modern building again and again. We saw it being constructed since the very beginning and I have pictures of the construction site that I will upload to this  blog in the near future.

Biking along the Thanes

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This was the first time we saw the London Bridge opening! We were the first on line when the warning signal turned  red and it was an amazing experience to see the bridge all the way up from  very close!

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We have been along Regent’s Channel before, but on a touristic boat. This time we went by bike along the water and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever! We saw many charming peniches and lots of mansions! We went all the way to Portobello Road and back, always biking and biking and biking! 🙂

London by bike

We had to use our imagination and improvise to carry our London map!

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London PubDuring our trip to England and Scotland we have been to countless Pubs and we had a great time enjoying our active lives there! Cheers!

From London we flew to Washington D.C. where we stayed during 8 days before going back home.  At that time we lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

If you want to drop me a line, please fill free! Any questions you might have will be promptly answered!

Happy travels! 🙂

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