Skiing in Aspen, 2011

We love to ski and we have been skiing every single year. Although we have been to different places in the US and Europe,  Aspen Snowmass has been our destination during many years. Snowmass

Gwyns High Alpine

The trails are meticulously groomed ! I really love that! We usually stay in a  ski-in ski-out condo, and that makes life really easy!  I don’t like to walk with my ski boots! They were made to ski… not to walk!

We usually stay in the same place! We have been staying in this condo during the past 15 years!

Some people say that Aspen is very expensive.  It is and it is not. It depends…  When you compare the prices practiced in Aspen with the cost of living in Rio de Janeiro,  Aspen looks like a very affordable city!

Look at this (please use Google translate as this article comes from a previous post written in Portuguese).

Aspen é  cara se compararmos com outras cidades americanas mas se compararmos com o custo de vida no Rio de Janeiro, Aspen torna-se uma cidade extremamente barata! 🙂 Olhem aí abaixo as nossas comprinhas de supermercado:

4 Red Bull, 2 pints de Budweiser,  suco de laranja gigante, leite gigante,  galão de agua,  2 pacotes de pão de forma,  1 bisnaga artesanal (maravilhosa),  1 pacote gigante de peito de frango organico;  1 dz de ovos casca escura organicos e GIGANTES,  1 rolo de papel de aluminio, 1 advil, 1 pacote de batata frita gigante (Lays),  1 vidro de azeite, 1 vidro de molho de salada,  1 pizza artesanal gigante (margherita),  1 vidro grande de catchup,  1 pote GIGANTE de sorvete (esse sei o preço, custa 2 dólares),  2 embalagens enormes de salada já preparada,  1 saco grandão de cenourinha descascada e preparada,  1 pacote  de spaghetti,  1 embalagem de tortellini semi pronto, 2 latas de sopa Campbells (de alho poró, deliciosa);  1 pacote para preparar molho Alfredo para o macarrão,  2 latas de creme de milho,  1 lata de ervilhas,  e tem outras coisas que agora nem lembro.

Preço???  103 dólares já com taxa.  Try to buy all items on this shopping list in Rio de Janeiro and you will see that you will spend much much more!

Staying at a Hotel or staying at a Condo?

Comparing with a hotel, I prefer to stay in a condo. It’s very convenient to be able to prepare your own barbecue after a day on the slopes! You also save a bunch of money, because you are not “obliged” to go out for dinner every single night!  Aspen has top restaurants but there are days when you feel so tired & relaxed after skiing and relaxing in the hot tub that the unique thing you want is to stay home! Nothing better than a condo in such occasions! 🙂

Barbecue @ Aspen Snowmass

Another “top attraction” for me while skiing in Aspen is to wait the “noon grooming” !  Each day one trail is chosen to be groomed by noon. Everyone stay at the top of the trail waiting the clearance to be the first to enjoy a recent;y done corduroy! This is one of the best experiences in Aspen / Snowmass and I highly recommend you do not miss it!

mct-9879Another great attraction of Aspen / Snowmass is the winter games! We go there almost every year and besides watching the competitions we also receive many cute souvenirs from the sponsors of the event.

We were very lucky with the weather and we had a lot of fresh snow while there!

Pine with snow

This beautiful tree on the image below  gives the city’s name.

Aspen tree at Aspen city

While we were there, we had the coldest day in the last 50 years!!!  YEAHHH!!!  It was not “easy”! There were signs from Ski Patrol everywhere!

Coldest day in Aspen Coldest day in 50 years

Temperature:  -30F  to -50F

Yes, this is REALLY REALLY COLD!!  🙂

We used lots of layers and went to ski! It was awesome! One of the prettiest things I have ever seen in my life was the “frozen forest”. It was so cold that the fresh snow froze over the pines, giving them a “phantasmagoric look”!

Coldest day in 50 years

Our elder son had a blast time while us! We went to our favorite restaurant in Aspen: Takah Sushi.  They have a new place, it is beautiful, but I preferred the old small&cozy one! Anyway, the food it still great!

As it always happen when we go skiing… we had a lovely time! Waiting for the next season!

Aspen Our son riding Aspen's gondola


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