Visiting the National Gallery of Art

We went to visit Canaletto and his Rivals an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art (Washington D.C.).    We went by metro which is really convenient !  There is a  bus stop in front of our Condo and from here we went to Van Dorn Metro Station  where we got off  in order to take the metro.   The closest  stop to the National  Gallery is “Navy – Archives  Station”  (on the yellow line).   From there you walk one block  to reach the National Gallery!

We started our visit by the West Gallery where we saw  many paintings from Rembrandt,  Rubens,  Van Dick  and other Dutch Masters.

National Gallery, Washington D.C.
National Gallery of Art – West Building –  Washington D.C.


National Gallery, Washington D.C.
National Gallery of Art – West Building – Washington D.C.
Rotunda @ The National Gallery
Rotunda  (National Gallery of Art)
Side by side with Rembrandt
Side by Side  with…..  Rembrandt !!!!
Painting by Rubens
Masterpiece   painted by Rubens


One of the most important paintings  from Rubens:  The Assumption of the Virgin 1626


Painting from Van Dyck
Van Dick (another master of the Dutch School)

After visiting these masterpieces (all located at the West Building)  we went out in order to visit the East Building, where the Modern / Contemporary collections are on display.  The East Building is a wonderful project of  I.M. Pei  (same architect that designed the glass pyramid of Louvre Museum.  East Building has also a place (at the mezzanine)  for  temporary exhibitions.    Our goal was the exhibit “Canaletto and his Rivals”   that had the inauguration day last Sunday (Feb 20 th  2011).

The exhibition is located on the Mezzanine  floor.

National Gallery
National Gallery of Art – East Building
Canaletto at the National Gallery
This was an unforgettable exhibition: “Canaletto and his Rivals”

It’s a wonderful exhibition that should not be missed !   There are twenty-one masterworks from Canaletto and thirty-four paints from his rivals, including Guardi, Bellotto and Marieschi.  One of the paints  came directly from England (where Canaletto  lived for five years)  and it belongs to the Queen of England!

There’s also a film that explains all about the exhibition.  This short film should not be missed as it covers the whole period and show some paintings in full detail.

It was a great experience and a great afternoon !


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