Biking along C & O Canal Trail

We love to stay in Alexandria, VA! It’s a lovely town and close to great biking trails! (yeah, we love to ride our bicycles!)

blog-bike-1 blog-bike-4

From Alexandria, we drove to D.C.  and  took Canal Road NW.  We parked our car at Fletcher’s Cove (free parking there) . If you don’t know the area and want to park at this spot, just write “4806 Canal Road”   on your GPS and you  be  very close to the entrance.   You will see a small road going down  on your left (if you are coming from downtown D.C.).  That’s it.   Cross the road with care as traffic runs in both directions.
The parking lot  is big and has some facilities as bathrooms, a refreshment store  and barbecue grills.

blog-bike-2   After parking the car  we went biking along the Capital Crescent Trail (we choose to go in the direction of  Georgetown,   but if you go on the other direction is a beautiful ride as well and you will reach Bethesda).

This fabulous trail goes along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National History Park and it’s a “must do”   if you enjoy biking or walking.
It’s a short ride till Georgetown and the views are fabulous!


The USA are a civilized country, so you will  find clean public bathrooms everywhere.   I came from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)  where a lot of men use the streets  to pee.  Police arrest them and discharge  after a few minutes.

It would be much clever if the Government in Rio  implement the construction of  toilets to be used by the population.  Simple, he?  As an example, if you are walking along the popular “Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas” (Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon) in Rio, you will not find one single public toilet! You have to go to a bar and buy something there in order to be able to… pee!  Isn’t this ridiculous?  🙂

Public toilets in Washington D.C.

Public toilets in Washington D.C.

Anyway, we went for this pee stop and I took bathroom’s picture  in order of not forget how good life can be  when you are visiting a “civilized place”!  Namastê……  🙂


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