Biking at The Great Falls National Park, VA.

Virginia has many lovely towns and I highly recommend you visit “Old Town Alexandria” during a trip to Washington D.C..  Alexandria is very close to D.C. (by car, by bike or by metro) and there are dozens of restaurants and shops along King Street. There are a couple of hotels as well, including Hilton, located just across a metro station.

In my opinion, staying in Alexandria instead of Washington D.C. is a smart decision. The hotels in Alexandria are not as pricey as you will find in D.C. and in my opinion it’s more tranquil to stay in Alexandria. You can walk along the streets, enjoy cafes and the beautiful views to the Potomac River in a slower pace.

While visiting the area, there’s a Park that should not me missed: It’s called “Great Falls National Park” and it’s less than 30 miles driving from Alexandria. If you decide to go there you will have a very special time, believe me!

Great Falls

Great Falls, VA Great Falls, VA

Great Falls is also a perfect place to take you bicycle! There are long flat trails along the river, and the trails there are a real delight for the body and to the soul!

Great Falls, VA

Besides biking, there are some “serious  hiking trails”  there: Billy Goat Trail is one of them. We did not go all the way to the end of this trail because after a while it becomes really steep _ at least for my confidence level 🙂 .

Hiking the Great Falls

Anyway, the part of the trail where we hiked was awesome with great views to the river. There were many people there enjoying “real hiking”, using rapel etc. Not for me but I really love going to  The Great Falls anyway!


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