Spring in Alexandria, Virginia

One of my favorite seasons in Virginia and surrounding states  is spring.  There are many interesting and different flowers along public spaces and  private gardens.

One of my favorite spots to take pictures is the Bishop’s Garden, located at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C..  The first time I’ve seen blue flowers was there, during spring.

If you love flowers (who doesn’t?)  go to the National Cathedral.  Depending on your faith  you may participate in a Sunday Holly Mass. Otherwise, go  just for its beautiful architecture and amazing gardens!


Blue Flower

Bishop's Garden

Bishop’s Garden

Another spring’s favorite is biking!  Biking along Holmes Run Trail is another great thing to do during springtime! Usually we see many ducks along the creek many of them followed by  newborn baby-ducks!  🙂


Biking along Holmes Run, Alexandria, VA

Holmes Run Trail runs close to a stream with many bridges that are only a few inches above the water. There are days where it’s impossible to cross this section without getting wet!  The section that we usually bike is the one that goes from Eisenhower Avenue at Cameron Station (next to Cameron Run Regional Park) to North Chambliss Street. It’s approximately 3 miles long, and as you will have to go and come back see if you have time (and legs) to bike the 6 mils required to return to the same point where you started! 🙂


Holmes Run Trail (tunnel under Van Dorn St is at the center of the image)

Spring has some rainy days as well. What to do during a raining day in Alexandria / Washington D.C.?   Several options, as almost all museums are free. Or, go to see a nice exhibition!

On May, 26th, we went to the National Geographic to see an amazing exhibition:  “Race to the End of the Earth”.  Unforgettable!  The exhibition presents the epic adventures of Norwegians  (Amundsen) and British  (Scott) explorers on their respective 1800 mile journeys from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf to the Pole and back. The National Geographic building is located at 1145 17th St, NW, Washington D.C..   If you are visiting the region, always check what they are presenting.  All events at National Geographic worth a visit!

National Geographic

National Geographic

Here I am!  At the National Geographic,   learning about the  race to the South Pole.


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