Leasing a car and visiting Nancy

On Tuesday  June 28th  we flew  from  Washington D.C.  to Chicago and from there to Paris.  United was very good,  on time and the service on board  couldn’t  have been better.


We  had reservation for leasing a Citroen with TT Cars.  If you are traveling for an extended period, leasing is cheaper then renting.

TT Cars  was awesome!   I called them  (toll free)  as soon as we  got our luggage from the carrousel at the airport,  and they provided  us with directions for  meeting their representative  (we had just  to take  the elevator one floor down and walk less than 20 feet!).

There was already a guy there waiting for us  with a jacket written  TT Cars.   He drove us to their office (5 minutes ride)  and there they asked to see my passport.  Nothing more!  No need to show Credit Card,   Driver’s license,  nothing at all!    Much easier,  much simpler and  faster than  renting a vehicle! Another good thing:  They are not like  people  from  rental agencies  insisting that you should  buy this or that kind of insurance.    It took less  than 2 minutes  to have receive the keys and we departed with our brand new car!

The car:  A C3 ,  dark metallic gray,   with air conditioner,  electric windows, etc.   Very cute.   Before leaving with the car,  a TT  employee  showed us  where all  stuff  is located  (like spare tires,  safety triangle, etc).   They also  gave us a map  of the nearest  Petrol Station.   The  car  runs with diesel.

Important:  They told us that in France the safety triangle must be INSIDE the car, in a place that you can  have easy access.  It can not be placed in the trunk!

While driving on the road  and it took me a while to get used  to the car, as it is  mechanical and my car in the USA is automatic.    But…. as I drove a mechanic  car almost all my life and after a while I was  driving better…   🙂    Anyway,  I prefer  automatic  cars,  but here in Europe the majority of the cars are mechanic.   😦

We filled the tank:   45  Euros !   Wow!  Much much much more expensive than in the US!

The new GPS  worked  FINE !!!  (Thanks  FF)

After almost 2  hours driving the GPS  got lost and could not find the road  (I guess it is an old map and the  freeway  is now in a new place).   Anyway,  that was not a problem because the  signposts   on the road are excellent.   We had plenty  of  information  about  the city we were  driving to:   Nancy.

So… while  the GPS was lost  we just kept following  the signs  to Nancy!

We stopped  on a gas station  to buy  sandwiches (marvelous bread  with Ementhal  cheese).

The highway is awesome (excellent condition)  and  it crosses  beautiful regions  (Champagne  region  with many sunflowers!).   The  weather was not  beautiful:  Dark skies and light rain  once in  a while.

We arrived in Nancy at 2.40pm  and  had no difficulty  finding  our hotel.

We left the luggage  in our room,  the car in the (covered and secure)   garage and went  to visit  the city.  Our hotel has an excellent location and it is very close to Place Stanislas (the main attraction  in  town).


Place Stanislas, Nancy



La Fontaine d’ Amphitrite


Parc de la Pepiniére

We were starving ! The time was 4pm, so it  was too early to have dinner.  So, we decided to stop at this little  place  called “Made in France”. I have already read that they have  the best sandwiches in France. In fact, they were DELICIOUS!


Cour d” Appel


Rue Grande


Porte de la Craffe


Ville-Vieille Léopold


Must take care with the gipsies!!!!


Opera at  Place Stanislas




Place Stanislas


Very close to our hotel

Returning to the hotel, as we were tired after waking in the morning, + arriving at D.C.  Airport  two hours before our flight +  2.5  hours  flying to Chicago +  3 hours at Chicago airport  waiting for the  connecting flight  +  8.5  hours flying from Chicago to Paris  +  3.5 hours  driving from Paris to Nancy  +  3 hours  of sightseeing!  Wow!   That  makes almost  30 hours “on the road” . What a busy day! 🙂

Now,  due to the time zone,  here in Nancy is  1.30AM   but my biological  watch  is set to D.C.  time so it is only 7.24pm !  After a quick  nap when we returned to the hotel I am totally awake and it will be tough to sleep!  On the other hand… my dear husband  is “dead”,   snoring  besides me!

Click here to see more photos we took in Nancy !

Our adventures  will continue tomorrow when we will go shopping  our new bicycles and after that we will drive to our new destination :  Zurich!


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