Day trip to Rhine Falls (from Zurich)

The alarm of my mobile phone was set wrongly,  we woke up at 6AM  thinking it was 8AM! We only noticed our mistake after getting dressed….

So….  at 7AM  we went to have breakfast at the hotel.   We found the breakfast at our Zurich’s hotel absolutely great!   Lots of marvelous cheeses,  many kinds of jambon,  jelly, honey,  corn flakes,  fresh orange juice (squeezed in front of us), expresso, hot chocolate,  and several kinds of breads, one better than the other! Everything really d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s! I don’t need to say  we ate like tigers! 🙂

After breakfast we drove to Laufen  to visit the Rhine Falls.  It’s a great  place to go!  The falls are not  as huge as Niagara Falls and although  smaller,  they are located in a very scenic region with a fairytale castle overlooking them.

We bought tickets  (CHF 5.00 each)   to visit the Castle and the Panorama.

We started  walking towards a small and lovely town on the opposite direction of the falls,  in order to watch the Rhine  before its waters get “violent”.   It is awesome!  We walked along a  3 km long  trail  in the middle of a dense forest with the Rhine river flowing at our left.  After crossing a  small bridge  we walked back  to  the dropping point of the Rhine (another 3km).   This route should not be missed. There are  lovely houses,  manicured gardens and transparent green waters.


Visiting Rheine Falls


Rheine Falls

We went to the main  view-point of the Rhine Falls  in order to take  pictures  that were instantly sent to our family members throughout the internet.

After crossing the main  bridge we entered the Schloss (= castle).

Schloss Laufen  is a “must see attraction”   when visiting  Rhine Falls!  There’s is a small  museum,at the same time interesting and funny. There are many objects in motion (including the eyes of some portraits!)  and also the dishes and bottles that are placed over a table.

The table is set in order to show how was  dinner service at the time of Sissi,  the Emperor’s wife.


The eyes on this paintings move accordingly to the music! Schloss Lufen.

During the last part of our visit to the Falls it started pouring.  Fortunately we were carrying our plastic rain coats in our backpacks (rain coats we got when visiting Niagara Falls!  Haha that was a coincidence, he? Falls in CanadaFalls in Switzerland…). It was good we didn’t  get wet! 🙂


PRICES in Switzerland (this is always a concern, he?):  One  bottle  (500ml)  of mineral water  at Rhine Falls  cost 4 Swiss Francs!  Next time we will carry water with us, as it cost ,80 CHF at the supermarket for the same size and brand!

The Rhine Falls are located  approximately 90 km  away from Zurich, making it a very interesting option for a day trip.  The road is very pretty  and we were able to see many sunflower fields along the way.

Returning to Zurich  was tricky because to enter the  city it;s necessary  to cross a long tunnel.  The GPS got lost, instructed us to make some turns when we exit the tunnel and when we noticed we were crossing the tunnel again on the opposite direction! Argh…  So… after crossing the same tunnel three times we were able to find our way back to the hotel! 🙂

As soon as we got to our hotel, we got our bikes that were parked in the secure underground deposit and went cycling to the opposite side of the lake!  Cool!   Between the many attractions, Centre Le  Corbusier  was the cherry on top of the cake!   It’s super beautiful!


Centre Le Corbusier, also called Heidi Weber Museum


Kugel ball sculpture. The ball keeps moving due to a then layer of water.

We returned to the hotel at 8PM  and once again…. we were “done”!

It was a very busy _ and great _ day!!!  🙂

Look to our pictures taken in Zurich and at the Rhine Falls  clicking here !


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