Biking in Switzerland: From Zug to Arth am See

From Zurich we drove to Zug,  where we parked our car leased car in  front of  Zug Lake.  As I told you on a previous post, we opted to have our own bikes while traveling around Europe.  We found one more advantage of having our own bikes: We could start our day earlier! 🙂

From the parking lot we went cycling till Arth am See.   

Arth am See is a charming little town located 13 km  south  of Zug.

Biking in Switzerland

Biking in Switzerland _ Zug See

Most of the time it’s possible to ride on the sidewalk as it’s large and  “bike friendly”.  In narrow sections there are signposts instructing cyclists to go to the road. Sometimes there’s a separated section on the road for cyclists although in places with many curves there is none. In this case you should ride near the curb. We didn’t feel threatened anytime as the drivers were all very polite and kept a safe distance form us.

This ride is simply AMAZING! It’s super cool  to bike along the emerald blue lake. The scenery is like if riding a bike  inside a postcard. Simply magical!


When we arrived at Arth am See  we visited the church with its small cemetery, ancient homes and gardens and before leaving we bought  delicious  pastries from a local store.


Biking to Arth am See

Pastries at Arth am see

Pastries at Arth am See

Our bikes parked outside while we eat pastries!

After  a while there we returned biking along the Zug See  and went to have lunch at a popular Zug restaurant.

Having lunch accompanied by delicious draft beers at Ritz Restaurant  @  Zug 

Zug usually presents a  fireworks’  show on Saturdays at 10pm (during summer).   We were too tired for attending, after cycling and sightseeing the whole day.

At 7.30pm we   decided to return to our hotel in  Zurich. What a lovely day we had! 🙂

The pictures of this wonderful day can be seen  here:  ZUG

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