Biking along sunflower fields and crossing the border to visit Rheinau

From Zurich we drove to Rheinau.   Before going there we went to Bergdietikon, a small village looking for sunflower fields.  Unfortunately, we were too late! We got there after harvest and couldn’t find one single sunflower!  It was not a “wasted trip” as we visited an interesting farm where we found this super cool mobile sculpture!  Calder would have liked it, he?  🙂

Bergdietikon, Switzerland

Bergdietikon, Switzerland

Chasing Sunflower Fields in Switzerland

We continued our journey looking for sunflower plantation fields.  While driving on the freeway we spotted  sunflower fields,   took an exit and  got to a  small little town named  Bullach.

We parked our leased  car and got on our bikes.  Splendid!  We rode  in the middle of wheat and sunflower fields! AWESOME!!!

Sunflower fields in Switzerland

Sunflower fields in Switzerland

blog-sun-2 blog-sun-3

We  also went biking in a forest that took us  very close to Zurich airport.  There, we saw many people photographing the planes. This is quite the same thing we usually do near the National Airport in D.C. (USA), with one difference: most people in Switzerland go there for the “whole thing” _  they take beach chairs, umbrellas, picnic baskets, and they stay there “forever”  doing “plane watching”!  haha   It’s funny!

After  riding  for many hours  we went through a  trail  where the Swiss Army  keeps  their war tanks  and military supplies .   We saw many installations with signposts written in German  that we imagine can mean “Keep the F out of here”! 🙂

After this lovely ride we  drove to our original destination:  Rheinau.

It’s very interesting to drive to Rheinau.  From Switzerland we cross the border into Germany (no need to show documents), and after a short time driving in Germany we go   back into Switzerland.  It’s cool to watch this route on a map!  I read that this border was very active during the Second World War, as many people were able to escape crossing the river.




Covered Bridge, Rheinau

This is the  beautiful  covered bridge.  We crossed it to  to go to Rheinau.

We went to have lunch in a  restaurant located just in front of the covered bridge!  Awesome! 🙂

Excellent house wine and the food was…   wow…  delicious!!!  Desserts  were one of the best,  ever!

Our delicious lunch at Gasthauss Zum Salmen,  Rheinau, Switzerland

The weather was perfect, so we decided to have lunch outside, under the trees, listening to many birds singing around us.  Pure poetry! 🙂

Gasthauss Zum Salmen

Gasthauss Zum Salmen

After lunch we went to visit  Rheinau’s masterpiece:  The Benedictine  Abbey.   Located on an island  in the middle of the Rhine, we contemplated the marvelous architecture  and manicured gardens.  The views of the Rhine flowing is magnificent.


The Benedictine Abbey, Rheinau

After visiting the Benedictine Abbey  we  went to the top of Rheinau village and visited this lovely church.



The views from this little  church are wonderful.


The Rhine river is very calm here because its shaped like an “s”   so it flows really slow. There are many vineyards along the banks of the Rhine.

After this lovely and busy day  we drove back to our Zurich hotel!  We asked for a beer (500 ml,  delicious!)  plus salami and cheese sandwiches and called it dinner!  🙂

PS:   I forgot to say that yesterday   I  found  THREE  ticks on my legs!  I was  worried with tick disease  (that can cause death)   but I guess I am doing fine……    🙂   Must  use tennis shoes… yesterday it was hot and I was wearing sandals while walking on the grass in Arth am See.

Click here  to see our best pictures from this visit!!!  They are WONDERFUL!  (yes, modesty is NOT one of my qualities LOL)


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