Biking near Zurich: Kilchberg, Thawil and Oberrieden

The  plan for the day is bike all day, along the beautiful Zürich See.

We started our morning  going to Migros Supermarket (located very close to our hotel).   Better buying  groceries there than at small (and pricey) stores along the way!  For instance:    300 ml  of water  cost  around  4Sfr  at a bar.   If you buy the same  stuff  at the supermarket it cost  0.80  cents !   There’s a big difference, he?

Don’t think supermarkets in Switzerland are cheap. They aren’t! In fact they are really  expensive!

Our first destination for the day was Kilchberg.

The main attraction in Kilchberg is Lindt, the famous chocolate factory.  Super! It’s a huge building and you know there’s a chocolate factory there even before reading the giant Lindt name  on the top of the building: The delicious smell is the clue for your location! 🙂

Lindt Chocolate Factory

Lindt Chocolate Factory

Lindt is located at Seestrasse  204 (Seestrasse is the  road  that  goes along the lake) and the factory comprises a  small store that is open to the public .   I asked  if they provide  tours  to visit the fabric but they don’t.  The public access is restricted to the small store. We  bought a couple of chocolate  bars (dark chocolate with orange), as these are our favorites.  Delicious!

My husband is a tennis aficionado. We couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a picture of Roger Federer and my husband together.  Ok… not totally “together” and not “so close”…  🙂  This  is my husband and Federer’s  picture at the entrance of Lindt Store. Anyway, it looks like both of them are getting the applauses, he? 🙂


Roger Federer and my husband in Switzerland. haha

From Kilchberg we rode south to Thalwil. This is a postcard village and it’s one of my favorite neighborhoods since my first visit to Zurich many years ago.




Biking in Switzerland. Thalwil.

After  spending a lovely time in Thalwil,  we continued  along Seestrasee  going south.   We  stopped at Oberrieden.  There,  we went  uphill   following a sign to a wild animal park. We took the steep road (pushing out bikes).  After some minutes walking we saw a posting  showing 1 hour by foot  to the destination.  We asked to someone passing by how long / difficult it would be to get there and we were advised that it was really far and that the road would get much steeper.  We gave up and returned to the road along the lake.

We got on our way back to downtown Zurich.

We had already  been biking for 15km  till we got to Oberrieden.  With the return trip  it would make 30km but we didn’t feel tired due to the flat terrain along the lake and the astonishingly views of our surroundings.

When we got to downtown Zurich we went pedaling through  Bahnhofstrasse.  We have been  to this  street  many many  times,  all of them during winter.  Now, during  summer  we were  in shorts and sandals, and I must say it’s away better!


By bike along Bahnhofstrasse., Zurich

We went to have lunch at Jelmoli  (our favorite  for good and unpretentious food in Zurich).   We ate  vegetarian,  cooked in a wok.   Delicious!  After  lunch  we went  walking  along the streets  of the Old Town.   Zürich  is packed with tourists,  everyone  enjoying  the  weather and the beautiful  views!

Having lunch at Jelmoli, Zurich

Having lunch at Jelmoli, Zurich

After lunch we still had some legs to cycle around Zurich’s streets and take some shots of the main buildings.

Zurich by bike

Zurich by bike


The Fraumunster viewed from the Grossmunster

When we were returning to our hotel we saw many people swimming on the lake.

What did we do?


We  took off our  shoes and got into the water!!!  It was amazing!

The water was pretty cold,  but it was a “pleasant  cold”, probable;y because we were sweating.  Entering into the lake was kind of reinvigorating!!!!  The unique issue for us was to walk  on pebbles as we didn’t have the appropriate shoes. Besides the pebbles there are some big stones and those can get really slippery.  We will get used to them,  I bet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WOW!!!  WHAT a great way to end a day! Swimming in the beautiful Zurich See!  🙂

After our swim, we stopped at a bar on the way to the hotel and had large beers.

Time to go straight to bed,  give the legs  some rest and start planning for tomorrow!

To see more pictures  from this lovely day, please  click   here!    You will not be disappointed!   🙂

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