Cycling in Rapperswil, Switzerland

Rapperswil Rose City

Rapperswil, The Town of Roses

Rapperswil is a small town located in St Gallen canton.  It’s always referred as the “Town of Roses” (Rosenstadt) because of the amazing displays we find there.

This was a day trip from our hotel located in downtown Zurich.  We carried our  bikes in the car and drove to Stafa.

Stafa is a little  town  located on the border of  Zurich See.    Along the way we saw many vineyards and gorgeous views of the lake.

In Stafa we didn’t ride our bikes due the hilly terrain. We just took some pictures and continued to our destination: Raperswil.

When we got  there  we looked for  public parking and  found a nice spot at Public Parking P2 , parking space #22. Catch 22! A  nice way to remember where  our car was located!  😉

The main attraction in Rapperswil is the Castle, so we went straight there! Rapperwil Castle was built in 1200 and has wonderful views!

Before going to the Castle we went (by bike) to the Tourism Office where we got maps and information about the main sights.


On the way to Rapperswil Tourism Office

The city is very charming, with a beautiful marina and many outside cafes and restaurants. There is also this funny bench, ideal not only for resting but to take some cool shots as well! 🙂


The castle is located on the top of the hill with amazing views everywhere you look!


Rapperswil Castle

rapperswil-5 rapperswil-4After exploring the Castle,  the church and the city center we went to an AMAZING  bike tour!!!!


On our way to Hurden, by bike

We went by bike all the  way to  Hurden!   The way to go from Raperswill  to Hurden  is crossing a wooden  bridge that is 840 meters  long!  Imagine  that! It’s great and definitely a “must do” if you are visiting Rapperswil and love to ride a bicycle! This is, for sure, an itinerary we want to repeat in the future. We had a great time riding from Rapperswil to Hurden!

Hurden is a gem! Everything is pretty there, we felt in love with this little town!


Geschichte der Kapelle Hurden and our bikes

On  the way  back to Rapperswil  I took some pictures that  show how long the bridge is! In fact it is 840 meters long! Wow! Awesome!

Biking in Hurden

While riding along Rapperswil outskirts we spotted a kiosk selling wine and sausages! Time to stop and have more fun, he?  The white wine (from the region) was excellent and in the exact temperature. Delicious! I could have spent the whole day there!


LA DOLCE VITA…. in Rapperswil City Center.

Dolce Vita: Yes… we couldn’t agree more!

After walking / biking along the amazing medical streets we went to the Parking Garage (cost Sfr 6.50). From there we drove to Einsiedeln, where there is a huge Monastery.eisenwelden-2


If you would like to see more pictures from Einsiedeln, please have a look on my Flickr Gallery.

From  Einsiedeln  we drove  back to Zurich,  parked our car at the hotel’s parking lot,  changed our sneakers  by our flip-flops  and went  to the “beach” (by bicycle, of course!)

The best beach along Zürich See is located very close to where we are staying,  so it is a ride that takes less than  5 minutes!  🙂

It was  already  7pm  but the sun was shinning  graciously, as in summer the sun goes down really late. Lucky us!  🙂


Look to my color!  Looks like two different people seating together but this is all me!  My white leg and my tanned arm! 🙂  For sure it doesn’t look like they  belong to the same person!!!!!  hahaha

It is SO  GOOD   to be at this beach!


First:  Lots  of young people (just like us,  haha)

Second:  Peaceful,  safe.   Everybody  collects  its  own garbage and the grass is like hyper clean

Third:  7.30pm  and  under the warm sun!

The water is crystalline,  when you are standing you can see all your feet nails!


Almost 8.30pm….  time to leave!   The sun was not very warm  anymore!

The sky stays  clear  till almost 10pm  and this is wonderful as the days are really long  in summer giving us plenty of time to enjoy  ‘La Dolce Vita” !

After a gorgeous day like today,  we returned to our hotel and had this gift looking outside from ours bedroom window!!!!


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