Visiting Eisriesenwelt, the largest ice cave in Europe

We drove from Gastein to  Werfen  (distance is approximately 30 miles) where we visited  the  largest ice cave in Europe: Eisriesenwelt.

We parked at parking lot P8.

I noticed that the ice cave would be high in the mountain and I got scared to drive till there.

So, we tried to go by bike while it was possible and after it got steep we started pushing them. We walked and walked and walked and still the top of the mountain was very far ahead.

My plan to go all the way by foot, pushing the bikes was not successful…  it is too far away.

When a driver coming down  stopped to  take pictures,  I asked how far it would be to reach the cave. The nice lady told me that it would be  too far away, and also that she didn’t recommend going there pushing the bikes.  She said that the mountain would get even steeper,  and after climbing the whole mountain we would have to walk 20 minutes more, than take a cable car,  and after the cable car walk 20 minutes  more . This only to get to the cave entrance.  After entering the cave we would have more than 700 steps waiting for us!!!!  She advised us to go back and take our car or the public bus.

Afraid to drive, we returned to the parking lot, locked our bikes in the car and waited for the bus. The sun was HOT ! We were completely soaked!

The small bus that take tourists from the parking lot till up close to  the cable car departs every 20 minutes. It cost only 5.80 Euros each ! Wow! Why I did think about this before trying to hike a huge mountain?   Look to the picture below and see the small hole near urge top pf the mountain: There ‘s the entrance to the cave.  How could we have walked all the way there?  Silly me….    🙂

ice cave-1

Eisriesenwelt is an AMAZING place that everyone traveling in Austria should go!

castle-1On the way to the ice cave it;s possible to see this amazing castle.

We were lucky to get the two last seats in the bus.  While riding the bus we  noticed that we walked a LOT  but still we were too far from the top. We would never made it by foot!

The bus drops the passengers very close to the ticket booth. The tickets cost 21 Euros (each). I consider it really cheap, as the attraction is beyond this world.

After buying the tickets there is an uphill  path that takes approximately 20 minutes.

From there  we took a cable car that is scaring:  It is quite small, old and swings a lot when it starts to move!

The cable car can accommodate around 10 people inside. I did not count the “exact number”  of people because although used to ride in cable cars, this one  was really scaring!  🙂
ice top-1 Beautiful views from the top, before entering the ice cave

cable car-1Cable car to the ice cave

After the ride up _ it is really “up” , almost vertical _ we walked  more 20 minutes. It is steep and the views from below made my legs to shake!

ice top-2Walking path on our  way to the ice cave

Inside the cave it’s forbidden to take pictures. In order to avoid accidents, no cameras and flash photographies  can be used there.

cave entrance-1
ice cavei in austria-1 ice cavei in austria-2

The long and beautiful way from the top of the cable car to the ice cave entrance. Amazing views!

We waited around 5 minutes because to visit the cave everyone must be in a group with  a guide. They wait until a certain number of people is reached.

The guide explains  the visitors  that as soon as we enter the cave we will feel a high wind . This occurs because the cold air inside the cave tries to escape to the  outside when the cave’s door is opened. WHAT a wind! We almost couldn’t  walk forward!

This was  only  during the initial 2 meters. After it, there was  only cold (it’s an ice cave, remember?) and no wind at all.

Every 2 persons receive a can with a small fire, to illuminate the way.

It is simply magical inside!

It is a huge cave! We walked  “inside” the ice going up 700 steps! It is super natural,  we really feel as walking inside a cave!

We have been to the Ice Palace of Jungfrau in Switzerland three times already but this Ice Cave is much more interesting than that one, as it is really natural!  We loved it!
cave entrance-1

This is the cave entrance. We are by the door, with the cave door behind us,  leaving the cave.

cave entrance-a-1

What a day!!! Marvelous!

Also there are pictures on Flickr !   Click here to see them !

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