Day trip to Salzburg

We  drove from Bad Gastein to Salzburg in order to spend the day.  The road that links the two cities is great: very large and very easy to drive, although there are many tunnels along the way.

Our first  stop was at  Hellbrunn  Castle  with  its  trick fountains!   Lovely!  The Castle provide tours that departs from the main entrance  every half  hour.

 I do recommend  you go  in a group  because the  schloss  guide  (Castle’s  guide)  will  provide all necessary information about the castle and will also press the appropriate bottoms to show visitors  how the fountains  were used to entertain guests in the past.

Be prepared!  You will have fun and… you will get wet!!!  ha ha ha

castle-1Hellbrunn Castle


hat-1This  small hat  is made of silver,  weight more than 1 kg and goes  up and down  due to the water pressure under it!   Amazing!

fla-1                                                                                Hellbrunn Schloss

From  Hellbrunn  Schloss, located in  Salzburg‘s south region, we continued driving to Salzburg, where we parked our car near a bridge  and  went by bike to the city center.

As we were starving (yes…it looks like we are always starving, he?), we stopped at  a very nice  bistro  in front of the University of Salzburg where we had lunch.

Behind my husband you can see the University’s entrance and a marble sculpture  by Jaume Plensa called “Awilda”, a true  masterpiece!


Having lunch in front of University of Salzburg


Jaume Plensa’s sculpture “Awilda” is from 2010.  It is 5 meters high and portrays the head of a girl who seems to spring from the ground. It is made of several layers of white Macael marble. It represents the diverse multicultural background of the university’s students.

After  this delicious lunch  we went to visit  the  Hohensalzburg,  a place we had already been a lot of years ago  with our  kids.


View of Salzburg’s City Centre from  the Fortress

Hohen Salzburg Entrance-1The Hohensalzburg’s Main Door

Hohen Salzburg Chapel-1

The chapel  is located inside the Fortress

Hohen Salzburg views-1
Looking to the city

Hohen Salzburg Fla-1What a view  we had from there! Salzburg viewed from Hohensalzburg

After visiting the amazing Fortress we went walking down to the main square where the views towards the Fortress are magnificent!

Hohensalzburg square-1

Above and below it’s possible to see he sculpture “Sphaera”, on Kapitelplatz,  It’s about nine metres high. It represents a male figure on a golden sphere with a neutral expression. This man might be ‘everyman’. From the German artist Stephan Balkenhol.

It’s a musical city! We saw many musicians carrying their instruments.

Hohensalzburg musician-1

Looks like “The Death”, he? LA  MUERTE !!! Oh….    PLEASE…. STAY AWAY  from me!!!!

This sculpture is a work of art by It’s by Anna Chromy  and is called “Coat of Peace”.  It is a predecessor of the “Coat of Conscience”, a 15 foot high, 45 tonne sculpture carved from a single, 250 tonne block of white marble.

Another beautiful attraction in Salzburg:   St Peter’s Church.

We’ve visited many baroque churches but this one has a special grandeur, with massive furnishings. Entering this temple it’s possible to feel the history and see the centuries of architecture before our eyes.

St  Peter’s  Church  (Salzburg)

After   visiting the center we went biking by the river and got  even  better  views  from the Salzburg’s Fortress.

Hohensalzburg river-1 Hohensalzburg river-2

After a nice ride along the Salzach River, went to visit Mirabell Palace and Gardens.

Mirabell  Castle and Gardens

Mirabell Palace and Gardens: AWESOME tourist attraction.

The palace with its gardens is a listed cultural heritage monument and is  part of the Historic Centre of the City of Salzburg.

Several scenes from “The Sound of Music”  were recorded here. Maria and the children sing  “Do-Re-Mi” while dancing around the horse fountain.

As you can see, it’s possible to see many attractions in Salzburg in a single day. Everything is located close by and if you don’t have a lot of time you will have  a great day anyway.

The distance between Salzburg and Bad Gastein is approximately 94 km (again, with many bends and tunnels along the way).

Mirabell Castle retun-1

From Mirabell Palace and Gardens we went biking to the parking lot where we picked up our car and returned to our hotel. Once again  we had nice views of the fortress.

When  we arrived at Bad Gastein it was already  8.30pm  and the weather was  getting pretty ugly…. look  to these low clouds and fog!   Fortunately  we were back!


 Arriving at Bad Gastein  after spending the day in Salzburg

We were starving (have I said this before? lol.. we are always starving! ) and went to have dinner at a restaurant located at the side of our hotel.

We had an excellent meal  there and the price was very good as well!

Soup  + Salad  + Main  Course  (salmon with potatoes and herbs) +  dessert (cheese cake with a LOT of chantilly cream) +  1 liter of white wine =  51 Euros!

Life is good!   🙂


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