Alpentherme Gastein: A place you shouldn’t miss!

One of the most popular attractions in Bad Hofgestein, at least during summer when the ski slopes are closed to the public is Alpentherme Gastein.

You should spend at least a couple of hours in this facility, or even the whole day if your time permits! It’s really great!

We traveled  to Alpentherme Gastein by bike, as the path linking Bad Gastein (our hotel) to Bad Hofgestein along the Gastein Valley is really pleasant.

Alpentherme  Gastein-1Alpentherme  Gastein is a HUGE complex with many  heated pools! It cost  21 Euros each. This was our first visit to this place and while there I kept my camera inside the locker, so you will not see any pictures from inside. But… you will find them in this other post! Please have a look! 🙂

Alpentherme  Gastein-2

Biking  along the Gastein Valley

Traveling by bike is always pleasant and simple as we can be in  many places in one single day! After long and delicious time in the thermal pools we got on our bikes and went to visit Europaisher Hof to watch tennis matches during the International Tennis Championship. 

Alpentherme  Gastein-6

My favorite tennis player at Europaisher Hof

Alpentherme  Gastein-7

On our way back we could see many people enjoying the tranquility of the river valley. People having picnics and swimming in the river were a constant along the way!

Alpentherme  Gastein-8
 Moon in Austria-1

 I am following the moon….This is the crescent moon on July 9th, Saturday,  2011  at  9pm in beautiful Gastein Valley!

Alpentherme  Gastein-9

As usual we went to out favorite place in Bad Hofgastein for cold draft beers and good food: Congress Cafe Pizzeria.

Alpentherme  Gastein-10 Alpentherme  Gastein-11

From Congress Cafe Pizzeria in Bad Hofgastein  we had a late “bike by night”  ride back to our hotel in Bad Gastein! 🙂

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