Biking around Zell am See (Biking around Lake Zell)

The great thing about traveling in Europe is that it’s possible to be based in a city and travel nearby returning by the end of the day!  Everything is close by!

This is great not only to save on gas, but also to have the ability to get to know several different towns in a single trip!

From Bad Gastein we drove to Zell am See where we spent most of the day.  It’s a very short drive (25 miles) with gorgeous views along the way.

Zell am See lies on the Lake Zell (13 km circumference).  It’s a magnificent lake where it’s possible to swim, kayak, sail, etc.

Zell am See

Beautiful Zell am See

Zell am See-2

Zell am See is an important tourist destination not only in summer, but in winter as well. Skiers from all over the world come to this upscale resort to enjoy life. There are many luxury hotels around the beautiful lake Zell.

Zell am See-3 Biking around the lake is really pleasant and there is  a dedicated bike path on most of it.  There’s only a short stretch where we must ride on the streets, with passing cars really close (as the road is narrow). If you are traveling  with small kids maybe it will challenge to complete the loop on your bikes. Zell am See-4

 Zell am See-5

 Lake Zell is a super pretty lake,  although  we were spoiled  by the Swiss lakes….

The Swiss lakes have an “emerald  color”   and   Zell lake  it almost green  (probably because it reflects the  green pastures and trees around it?).   The water is pristine and it has the quality of drinking water!  It’s possible to see  our feet nails and the lake bottom in full detail! Wonderful! 🙂

There were  small fishes swimming around us as well!

Zell am See-7 Above: That’s me celebrating this awesome day by this gorgeous Austrian lake!

Zell am See-6

If you are traveling to Europe during summer and you intend to go swimming in the beautiful lakes, I highly recommend you buy appropriate shoes. It’s really tough to walk on pebbles barefoot! 🙂

Zell am See-8

Safe and pleasant: While we swim on te lake, our bikes (and clothes) stay parked side by side with other fellow visitors! 🙂  Ours are the blue ones!

After a gorgeous day in Zell am See we returned to Bad Hofgastein and had lunch at our favorite place there: The pizzeria! 🙂


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