Rio de Janeiro is a SHIT

We moved from Rio to escape from violence.

Can you believe we have been robbed even WITHOUT being there???

Our daughter went to our apartment to get our utility bills. (In Rio you have many bills to pay, you only don’t get any service).

When she got there she was informed by the concierge that there was a robbery at the building and my bike was taken by the criminals!

Note:  I have two bicycles in Washington D.C. (one of them was bought four years ago).  When I am staying there I park  my bike anywhere _ many times without even using the locker_  and I have NEVER been robbed!

Here in Europe, we bought two bicycles in France. We have been using them daily, without issues.  Many times the bicycles stay outside overnight  (hanged in the car) and they are PERFECT. Nothing was robbed!

I guess Rio de Janeiro is the only place in the world where you can be robbed EVEN when you are NOT THERE!  

Rio is a hell of a SHIT place.

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World Traveler ~ Photographer ~ Social Media Specialist ~ Tourism Vancouver Certified Specialist ~ Independent Tour Manager and Events Coordinator ~ Blogger ~ Architect & Interior Designer (in my previous life)
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