Bad Hofgastein in summer: The best attraction

This is our  last day in  Bad Gastein.  We had a great staying in Austria and for sure we will miss it!

We loved the towns,  specially  Bad Hofgastein  because it is not  steep and we can ride our bikes easily there!

As yesterday  we  had a very long  day with a lot of hiking / walking along  the 1400 steps  of the  ice  cave,  today  we decided to take it “easy”.  What can be easier than lying down in into a warm pool?  Yes! That’s what we did! Straight to Alpentherme Gastein! 🙂

In my opinion, this is the best indoors attraction in the city!

Fog in Austria-1Morning fog at Bad Gastein

After walking along the narrow streets  taking pictures of the morning fog,  I bought  two hours  of Internet use (1.50 Euro)  and updated my travel diary.

Bad Gastein  and Bad Hofgastein are known  as places carrying waters with excellent medical  properties. There are many  fountains all over the  town! Since Celtics times a lot of people come to these towns to get health benefits.

Another good thing is that there we  can drink  water  directly  from the tap  as it is 100% pure!

The  guy  who works at the reception of our hotel told us that children  from 3 to 10   years  old can not  drink  juice  or soda  when they are at school.  They must drink  only  water,  that is  really light and marvelous here in Austria.

Before entering in the  Alpentherme facilities  we went biking to Gastein Castle and to the Pub  where we  ate a pizza  with  3 large beers  (500 ml  each!)   🙂

Gastein Castle-1 Gastein Castle-2

Gastein by bike-1

From the Castle to the thermal pool it’s another lovely ride…

Before entering the pools we had one more thing to do: Have a beer at our local pizzeria! lol

Gastein beer-1

Pizza and beers  before going to Alpentherme Gastein

Ok… after biking…after castle… after beers… it was time to get into the hot water! Remember this was supposed to be “an easy day”  to rest from the cave activities yesterday?  🙂

So… time to go straight to Alpentherme Gastein, he?

We bought  4 hours at  Alpentherme Gastein.  There  you can  buy  2 hours  or 4 hours or even the whole  day.   Four hours  cost  22.50  Euros  (each).   It deserves every penny!

The water comes warm (or very hot depending on the pool) directly from the ground! While  it was sunny we were outside. When it started to get chilly we moved to the inside pools that are exceptionally good! 🙂

I loved the “chaises” inside the pool! It was possible to lie down and feel the bubbles all around your back and neck! Super relaxing!

Gastein hot pools jet-1

This is quite funny! There are  jets coming from the bottom of the pool  every 20 minutes. We could stand in calm pool and every 20 min a “geyser” came from the bottom! Amazing!

Unfortunately, good things don’t last forever. It was time to leave the pools and return to the hotel. We had to pack our belongings as tomorrow is “travel day”!

Leaving hot pools -1 Leaving hot pools -2
On the way  to the hotel we stopped at a Pizzeria (not the only we always go, but a new one on the way to the hotel). It was  very crowded but very good! Dear husband had  Spaghetti a Carbonara and I ate fish with salad and potatoes.   Again,  we drunk  3 beers  (500 ml  each)!   The food was very  good. We had a glass of  liquor  offered by the house!

Pizzeria-1 Pizzeria-2

We are almost packed because tomorrow  after breakfast we will have a long  day driving from Gastein to  Valbella-Lezenheide  in beautiful Switzerland!

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