Summer sightseeing in Lenzerheide

No rain today!

After  almost 3 days  “locked”   inside the hotel due to the bad weather, we were  eager to  explore  the places around us!

Heidsee,  Lenzerheide,  Switzerland

The trails around the lake have many squirrels and the guys are really funny! They are not shy, as they come not “only” close to us but they can jump on our legs searching for food! Shameless Lenzerheide’s squirrels! 🙂

After visiting Lenzerheide Tourism Office on a previous (rainy) day, we were carrying great maps of the region. I must add that the service provided by the Tourism Office was really great, with a nice lady who was fluent in English giving us all advice  we asked for,  also pointing out  other sightseeing attractions and  hiking trails best suited for our ability.

Great Switzerland! For sure you guys know what the tourism industry is all about! Congratulations! We left the Tourism Office totally informed about the “best things to do in Lenzerheide“!

We started our day going to  Sporz.  It’s close  to “downtown  Lenzerheide”,. It’s possible to go there  by  foot  or by  “Rot bus” . The “Rot Bus” is a free bus that carries people around town.

We  got  the free bus,  missed the correct  stop,  stayed on the bus (it’s a circular route), and after it circled the lake we got off  where we should have stopped in the first time.

Instead  of taking the chairlift  we hiked all the way up!!!!  Awesome!   The trail  goes in the middle of a forest  with  gorgeous  views along (the long) way.

Lenzerheide-water-1We can drink water  directly   from the fountains!   It is totally pure!


Before lunch we saw these beautiful horses: The “Brown” and the “White”.

We had lunch at a basic restaurant with delicious food!

My plate is the one in the middle. Delicious!!!  🙂


Restaurant Crap Naros, Lenzerheide. Informal restaurant with good meals,  up on the mountain.

After lunch we went to check on the horses again and they were… taking a nap!  🙂  So cute!  🙂


“Brown” and “White”  taking a nap!

On our way down we crossed many farms where the stock was freely walking nearby us.

We were also able to contemplate ancient and modern  architecture living side by side.

On our way back to the hotel we crossed the city center where we saw the pretty bronze sculpture (picture bellow). There were also  goats walking freely near the river.



We returned  around 7pm to the hotel.  I guess we walked more than  40 km  today!  It was….  ABSOLUTELY  GREAT  !!!!

Tomorrow:  PLEASE  sun….  come! I promise I will sing “Here comes the sun….”  lah lah lah…

See more pictures from  our day today  on the  Flickr album:


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