Getting to Annecy and first impressions

Driving from Switzerland to France: Enduro

On Saturday, 16th  July,   we were staying in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.  We waked early in order to pack our luggage in the car before it started to rain. She sky was pretty dark with fat clouds all around us. The forecast was also showing rain + rain + rain….

At 7am we went to have breakfast with the car totally loaded! Yeah, that was an early start, he?  🙂

At 8am  we left the hotel and I was glad we could  drive from Valbella-Lenzerheide to Chur  without fog and without rain!  The  road is treacherous,  many bends, some of them  like a serie of crazy “z”s!

As soon as we got to Chur (meaning:  as soon as we went down the mountain)  it started to rain.

It was not a “light”  rain!   It rained  dogs and cats all the way  from  Chur to Annecy!

It was very hard to see the road and it was a frightening experience.  Fortunately  the  highways in Switzerland and in France were in excellent condition and with many signs that helped us to keep track of the route to follow.

We arrived safely at our hotel in Annecy five hours later!


I am kidding  but in fact… it is really nice  to hear French words  after many days  hearing to “rrr”  “krrrr”  “rrr”  “krrr” that  is how the German Swiss sounds!  🙂

French is such a beautiful language!  And…….  better yet:  We can understand  it !!! (well…  most of the times!)

Our hotel in Annecy  is located in  the “Old Town Annecy”. It’s an old building with a modern decor.  Cool. There is no parking and no elevator. We went on many trips two floors up with our luggage.

We left the car parked at an underground garage located at the end of the hotel’s street.

We arrived here around  3pm  (on Saturday, 16 July) and after dropping out our luggage the rain finally stopped!

We left the hotel to walk around the Old Town and to see the lake, located nearby our hotel.

First Impression:  Annecy is  BEAUTIFUL!   It is really very beautiful !!!
Annecy, FranceAnnecy, France

The weather  improved  and we were able to see  blue skies  by the end of the day! Isn’t that amazing?   After  driving like in  a video game “enduro”   for  +  5 hours?

Annecy Lake-1

When we got to Annecy the sky was like that! Many clouds and light rain

Annecy Lake-2

In the same day, the skies cleared and we could see some blue colors coming in! 🙂

It was  late to have lunch and it was early to have dinner.  We were starving…  We kept walking in circles  around the restaurant that was recommended by the manager of our hotel.

In France the restaurants don’t open early as it happens in the USA and in Canada.  Dinner in Europe occurs later and we had to wait…

At 7pm  sharp  the restaurant opened its doors and we got in , with a bunch of people who were waiting  for the doors to open as well!

The  food was awesome and deserved each minute we were outside   waiting!  🙂

We  had cheese fondue  with mushrooms  (DELICIOUS),  we had  Savoy  wine (GREAT)  and we shared  a dessert  that was  MARVELOUS!

Restaurant Mamie Lise Annecy

Starving and waiting for cheese fondue with mushrooms!

Delicious cheese fondue with champignons, marvelous wine, huge dessert

If you want to have a great and delicious dinner while visiting Annecy, this is the place to go:  Restaurant Mamie Lise

After  this wonderful meal  we went to our  hotel to rest.  It had been  a long day !

Hotel Alexandra, Annecy-1

Our bedroom has this lovely view to the ancient rooftops and to gorgeous mountains as well!


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