Visiting the Rothorn in summer.

We were happy when we looked through the bedroom’s window and saw a sunny day! Finally! It looks like the fog and rain from the previous days are gone!

We went walking to the Rothorn‘s building (Rot means Red in German). Although it’s a modern building it is not beautiful _ probably because it is all painted red….

I don’t see a reason for painting it all red just because the name of the mountain is red… Usually the Swiss have good taste for Architecture / Design…. not in this case, I must confess.
It’s pricey to get to the top!  We paid Sfr 48,00  each  to go to the top of the Rothorn in summer!!! Meaning ONE single trip up and one single trip down! Not the same as when you are skiing and you go up and down the whole day, he?

The amount paid corresponds  55 USD! For one single trip?  Come on!!

To go to the top you take a gondola to the middle station and from there another one to reach the top.

rothorn-1Inside the Gondola, going to the middle station

Heidsee-1Heidsee viewed from the gondola

 From the middle station we took the cable car  to the top of the Rothorn.

Cable Car Rothron-1  While one cable car goes up the other one goes down

Cable Car Rothron-2Almost 3000 m   high !

The  views from the top are quite impressive as it’s possible to see almost  1000 peaks! (Including the Sella  Group  in Italy  where we  went skiing two years ago) !

View from top Rothron-1 View from top Rothron-2At the top of the Rothorn

on the top of the Rothron-1

We took  a lot of beautiful pictures at the top.  You can see some of them  on my Flickr Gallery:

From the top  we took the cable car and stopped at the Middle Station.   Before going down we went on a nice hiking / walking.

Middle Station Rothron-1Here is Scharmoin Middle Station

It is easier to walk when you are at the Middle Station  because on  the top there are a lot of stones making it more difficult to  move around.

It was funny to play with the ski t-bar during summer!

Like a 5 years old !  haha

From  the playground  we went  walking / hiking and  I am glad I had my sticks!

hiking Rothron-1

This small lake is located at the middle part of the mountain.  The water is turquoise!

hiking Rothron-2

During our hiking we saw several cows and the one below was the cutest of them all!

cow Rothron-1

So cute! Look where this cow is staying!

cow at  Rothron-1

The cute Swiss’s cows

It is very interesting to see and listen the Swiss cows! All of them have a bell  hanging from their necks.  When there are many cows together we listen like a symphony while different sounds come from each of them

Time to go back and get to the gondola and….  find a place to have lunch!!!!

Inside  the gondola, going down and my Swiss bottle  (bought in another trip, years ago,  at Wengen)

From the gondola station we went walking along the lake and into a beautiful forest.  There are a lot of squirrels there and one of them  climbed my husband’s  legs !!!    I was “petrified”  and could not take a picture!

Swiss forest-1This is the forrest we crossed to go to “downtown”  Lenzerheide

Lunch  was great!  At Lenzerheide

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                 Mine:  Salmon with potatoes. Husband:  Spaghetti a Carbonara

As we had lunch late in the day  we didn’t have dinner.

We packed our stuff . We will leave  early morning because  the forecast  is announcing… RAIN!!!

Bye bye Lenzerheide!


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