Getting to know Annecy on a raining day

Tuesday, July 19 Raining day in Annecy!    We listened on the  news  that it is raining all over France but Corsica. So… not much to do regarding biking. Let’s try to find other activities, he?

Guided tour in  Annecy-1Annecy

We went to Annecy’s Tourism Office  to learn about attractions when it rains and the forecast shows more rain on the way.

It was an excellent  surprise for us  to find a very well-organized  Tourist Office  in Annecy!

In fact,  it is one of the  best  Tourist Offices where we have been.  There are many people working there and although  Annecy  is very touristic and the Tourist Office gets really  busy  we didn’t  wait more than 3 minutes in line! Great!

The  guy  that  helped me was very  friendly and provided a lot of excellent information (besides maps for  the town and for the towns around the lake as well).    He  told us that an excellent  deal would be a guided tour around the city. This particular guided tour was scheduled to depart from the Tourist Office at 4PM and it was going to be held in English.

We returned there at 4pm  and there were around 13 people ready to go on te tour.

Our guide  could not have been better!!!  She is not a “regular guide”  like  the ones that only know  the names of the places,  the years things happened  and that kind of stuff.  As you probably know,  many guides look like a recording machine.   Not this one!   Our guide was like a History Teacher!   She knows not only about the places but about the  history as well.   It was wonderful  to hear  her lecture about Annecy  since  the Middle Ages,  specially during the Second World War  when  young nationals went to the mountains  to fight against the German Army  (with the help of the RAF  that  threw guns to them).  Her description  of the facts was so live that it was  like if we were  watching the action.

We also enjoyed  her explanation about the importance of  St Francis des Sales and about Les Visitandines.

After a  tour around the city (the river  Thiou, St Maurice Church;  Notre Dame  Church and Annecy  Cathedral)  we went to visit Annecy Castle  (Château  d’ Annecy). This Castle was the home of the Counts of  Geneva,  between others.  It has been completely restored and presents exhibitions of  Art and History Conservatory of Annecy and the Regional Office of Alpine Lakes. The “Château d’ Annecy”   is a must see attraction and the views  from the Castle are great!

Guided tour in  Annecy-2 On our way to visit Annecy Castle

After  visiting  the Castle  our guide  took the group to visit  the Old Prison  (Palais de l’ Isle).   I guess this is the most photographed attraction of the city.  This  building was  constructed  during the XII Century.   It’s an unforgettable experience  to visit its interior  filled with court rooms,  cells, etc.

Our tour ended  at the  Old Prison. The guided  tour  was  very informative and in my opinion  is something that should not be missed while visiting pretty Annecy.

It is a shame I can’t remember the name of our guide, all I know is that she also teachs Italian  in Annecy.  Besides European History she  also knows a lot of Art History.

The cost  of the guided tour was  a bargain!   Only 6 Euros for each adult.    It takes two hours and you keep the coupons  to return  to the Castle and the Prison  during another day  to see the attractions on your own pace. Summary:  When you get to Annecy,  go straight to the Tourist Office and buy your tickets for the Guided Tour.  You will not be disappointed !   For us  it was a bless to have such a great  tour during a day  that  could be “lost”  due to the rain.

Guided tour in  Annecy-3

Palais de l’Isle  (The Old Prison) by night


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