Visiting “Les Gorges du Fier”, having lunch at a Michelin 1 star restaurant and more…

Does it never stops to rain in France?  haha

Is this summer?    Wearing waterproof coats  every single day?   Oh mine….  🙂

The rain didn’t  stop us. We picked up our car at the parking  garage (47 Euros  for  4 days after the  discount  given by the hotel,  otherwise it would have been  60 Euros!).

We drove to  Lovagny  where Gorges du Fier is located.  The road was fine , even with rain.

Gorges du Fier-1

There’s an  office  building selling  tickets. The office is VERY  modest.   There is also a tiny store selling postcards and a jurassic, old, ancient and ugly  toilet  without  paper or soap.

Ok…  there was  soap:  a piece of bar soap  hanging  from a chain!!!  How about  gel  soap   or liquid soap?   Have they ever heard about that???  I guess  the answer is no!

My husband  told me that the men’s bathroom was also awful.

The entrance cost  5 Euros each and well….  the Gorges are BEAUTIFUL !!!

They are kept very “natural”. We walked on a platform watching the river flowing almost 70 meters  below  with impressive stone formations.

When it rains hard the water level  can  go many meters  up.  There is a post sign  showing  the maximum amounts over the years.

The gorges  are very impressive. We enjoyed  our visit a lot!  Gorges du Fier is narrower   than  Johnston Canyon  (in Canada)  and look more “natural”.  I can’t tell  which  one I find prettier!

Gorges du Fier-3Mer des Roches , Gorges du Fier

The Thiou  river  that we see in Annecy  flows to Fier river  and  this one  flows to the Rheine.  After flowing through the gorges the Fier river transforms in a calm-waters river.

After the walking platforms there is a trail and we walked till the end of it. We were lucky with the weather: As it was raining in the morning, there were few people at the Gorges, but as the weather improved we saw many people getting there by the time we were leaving.  I can’t imagine walking on the  narrow  platforms  with dozens of people  around us!

After  visiting Le Gorges du Fier we went to have  lunch in a nice restaurant located  at Annecy Lake.   It’s a Michelin’s one star restaurant and we loved the food there!


Michelin knows about restaurants…. although rated “only  one star”  this place is absolutely GREAT!

After  lunch we visited the Natural Reserve of  “Bout du Lac” .    It is located at the bottom part of Annecy Lake  (directly opposite to Annecy  when you look on Annecy’s lake map).

It is a Natural Reserve but  we didn’t find  it  “special” .


It was good to finish dinner  and see the weather getting better! Some guys were already  paragliding!

Natural Reserve of “Bout du Lac”. Why we don’t think it is a “must”

Animals:  There are almost no birds.    When  we walk  along  Theodore Roosevelt Island  in Washington D.C.   or  around  George Washington Memorial Pkwy  we can hear  dozens of birds.   On this natural reserve  there were none.

The last time we visited Theodore Roosevelt Island we spot a deer.   At  Bout du Lac  we didn’t see any wild life.

Vegetation:   We are used to see “real vegetation” in American and Canadian parks.  While visiting Bout du Lac  we saw only bushes. in fact  the bushes  were in need of some cut  as they were invading the boardwalk in some places.

The good things there are the views. The views  are really awesome!

It was an excellent  day, specially because we were able to do a lot of things despite the morning rain!

We returned to our hotel in Annecy invigorated after such an amazing day!

If you want to see more pictures we took while visiting Gorges du Fier  please click here:
If you want to see more pictures of Bout du Lac d’Annecy  please click here:

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