Biking around lake Annecy: 42Km

Annecy Lake by bike -   The Map

Map of Annecy Lake

One of the greatest things to do while visiting Annecy is to ride a bike around the beautiful  lake.

We were planning to ride around the lake  since the day we arrived in Annecy. Five days with rain delayed our plans and finally we had a chance to go!

The day started cloudy but improved as the hours passed by.  We were feeling happy to finally go on this well planned bike trip in Switzerland!

The bike ride:  I recommend you go on the clockwise direction because this way you will be closer to the lake all the time. It’s also easier to make stops along the way in order to take pictures, etc.

From Annecy, where we admired the beautiful gardens (picture on the right, above) we went to Vevrier, a very pretty small town.

When you leave Annecy there’s a nice bike trail that only goes for a couple of kilometers. Soon after, there’s no promenade  and you will ride on the road.  Although  car drivers were very cautious when overtaking us, this is probably not a good route to go with kids.  I would rather stay on the promenades…

Beautiful Vevrier

From Vevrier we continued to Talloires, where we had amazing views of the lake.

Vevrier to Talloires-1

The views are really  nice but  you must be fit because it’s gets hilly when approaching Talloires.

Here I am... almost “dead”  after biking on the steep hill.

Here I am… almost “dead” after biking on the steep hill.

After the big billboard “Welcome to Talloires”, it’s necessary to make a right turn and hold your breaks as there’s a long descent from the main road to the lake.

Tallories has an interesting architecture  with ancient houses and charming restaurants, although in my opinion, the most interesting thing is its proximity to the beautiful Annecy lake and the amazing views we get from the its shore.

From Talloires we continued all the way around the lake,  stopping at a small restaurant  near Bout du Lac  (in fact it was after  Bout the Lac  but I can’t remember the name of the place).   We had a light meal  in order to continue our ride along the lake.

After passing by Bout du Lac entrance, there’s a very nice bike path that is separated from the road traffic. Wow, that’s much easier and less stressful than riding with cars passing by! 🙂

As you see the views are absolutely gorgeous and the biking path is in excellent condition. It’s an almost flat terrain. I highly recommend you go biking around the lake if you are  visiting this region.

Biking lake Annecy-1

Near Duingt there’s a tunnel. As it’s only for pedestrian, bikers and skaters, there was no hassle cruising it!

After 42km, it was great to have our mission accomplished!

When we returned to Annecy  we went to buy an ice creams.  Later we had beer  and pizzas!   Annecy is a live place in the evenings  with many performing artists  around the streets!

There’s  always a huge line at the door of the best ice cream store in Annecy: Glacier des Alpes is for sure the best ice-cream you will find in Annecy!

Street show in  Annecy-1

There are several performances happening along the streets and everyone enjoy to be outside with live music and great performers.

Before returning to our hotel, at 10PM we stopped (again!) at the ice-cream store to have one last scoop.  Guess what?  Do you think that because it  was late there would be no line?  You are wrong! There’s always people lining up at this amazing ice-cream store!

Look on the left size image how long is the line to buy a single ice-cream! After while dear husband is almost there, to have our delicious scoops! 🙂

It was an amazing and marvelous day!

See more pictures of our journey around Lake Annecy clicking here:

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