Car trip across the Mont Blanc

On Monday, July 25 we had breakfast in our Annecy hotel and went to the parking lot (by bike)  in order to pick up  our leased car.

We drove  from Annecy (France)  directly to Locarno (Switzerland).

The tolls are pricey but the highways are excellent!   We spent approximately 70 Euros on tolls  for this itinerary (no diesel cost included in this price!).   offered 3 different routes and we were in doubt of which one to choose.

One of the options goes through the Mont Blanc and the other two suggested Geneva, Lausanne, etc.

The car’s GPS  chose  the route through the Mont Blanc tunnel and there we went!

It is really beautiful  and goes along many ski resorts.

Just before entering the Mont Blanc there’ s a resting area where it’s possible to park the car and admire the views.  Awesome!

The Mont Blanc (last stop before getting into the tunnel)

mont blanc-7

Waiting on the line to get into the Mont Blanc (few cars are allowed each time)

mont blanc-9

This is the entrance to the Mont Blanc tunnel (36.90 Euros to cross it!!!!). Very expensive.

Right after the tunnel there is a place where we can park the car and take pictures

mont blanc-13Views after crossing the Mont Blanc tunnel

Mont Blanc tunnel is 11.6km long (7.2 miles) and it is passes under Aiguille du Midi. Accordingly to Wikipedia,  at this spot, it lies 2480m beneath the surface, making it the world’s deepest tunnel.

We left Annecy at 10AM and although  we didn’t stop to eat on the way,   it took us  six and a half hours to get to Locarno!

It was a very nice trip and we enjoyed it a lot. After all, crossing the Mont Blanc driving a car is such an experience, he?



After leaving the freeway and getting on the road that goes to Locarno we had to drive very carefully because it’s a narrow road with several bends and we had our big bikes hanging on the car’s trunk!


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