Ten reasons to visit Annecy

After staying in Annecy during eight days, we have a list of our favorite attractions. Special places and things to do that you should not miss while visiting this beautiful town.

1. Old Town – Walk along the streets in order to admire marvelous architecture all around you. There are covered galleries with many restaurants, trend stores and cafes.

Annecy, France

2. The Lake –  I recommend you travel with your bike or rent one when you get there.  It’s really amazing!  You can read about our bike ride clicking here. If you don’t have the time or the ability to go around the lake by bike, I recommend you go by car. Anyway, go for it. It worths every minute.

Biking in Annecy-5

3. Gorges du Fier –  This attraction is very close to Annecy (by car) and it’s an amazing place to visit. You can read about our visit to Gorges du Fier clicking here

Gorges du Fier-1

4. Walking Tours–  The walking  tour departs from the Tourist Office and visits Annecy Castle, the Prison and many other interesting places. You can read details of our walking tour clicking here.

Guided tour in  Annecy-2

5.  The Food – There are many excellent restaurants to choose from. You can have a look on your favorites reading here and here  🙂

6. The ice-cream –  Ok… it’s not as good as the Italian gelato (who can make an ice-cream better than the Italians?), but you will love this place.  Be prepared for a long line, though. Click here to see where you will find the best ice cream store in Annecy!

Pizza in  Annecy-2

7. Street Market –  On Sundays there is a fabulous street market in Annecy.  There you will find fruits, cheeses, delicious breads and much more!  Don’t miss it, it’s great!

annecy-top ten-m-1

8. Night shows –  There are several street shows happening in Annecy, even on weekdays. Many performers walk along the streets with the public applauding and having a bunch of fun!

Street show in  Annecy-1

9. The flowers – There are beautiful gardens in Annecy and the sunflowers are astonishingly beautiful, many of them taller than an adult!

annecy-top ten-m-1

10.  History – Take the opportunity to visit historical sights like the CastleLa Basilica de La Visitation, the Conservatorie d’ Art and d’ Histoire with exhibitions about film making process since its very beginning.


Happy travels and drop me a line about your trips! We love getting comments from other fellow travelers! 🙂

If you would like to see more pictures of the Street Market click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34351159@N00/sets/72157627164267191/

To see more pictures we took while in Annecy click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34351159@N00/sets/72157627164375791/


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