Best recipe for Thanksgiving. How to do it yourself. #DIY


This was the first time we were in the USA  during Thanksgiving.   I was so happy to be here in such a special date!  I did my best to follow the American tradition and I guess I succeeded.   Everything was delicious and we had a great family time together!

The day before Thanksgiving  started with cloudy skies and beautiful autumn colors!

Alexandria Storm-1

Fall colors viewed from our veranda

Thanksgiving Roaster-1I bought this roaster at Macy’s.   It was cheap (USD 29,00) and it worked perfectly!

Thanksgiving Turkey-1

Out turkey was bought fresh, at Whole Foods Supermarket.


I had never ate cranberries before. I read that this is the favorite dish to go with the turkey, so… I bought this package.

Turkey Recipe-1

I found an excellent turkey recipe on the internet.  The recipe instructs to start with a brine that must be cooked the day before Thanksgiving.  The turkey would “sleep”  during 16 hours inside a big recipient containing the brine. The big pan came from my son’s house and I used it to cook the brine.

Sunset in Alexandria-1This was the sunset viewed from my veranda.  So beautiful!  This is our son building, just in front of us. This is adorable!  We love to have him so close to us! 🙂


The cranberries washed and ready to be cooked

cramberries recipe-1

I found the cranberries recipe on the internet, and it is absolutely delicious.

You can  read the recipe here:  It is really easy to cook.

After the cranberry sauce was ready, I went to  prepare the big bird!

Free range turkey-1

The recipe instructs to take it out from the plastic, wash,  remove interiors, ignore the internal thermometer, ……

Free range turkey-2

Bird inside the sink, being washed.

Free range turkey-3

I bought this plastic recipient at Home Depot.  Less than 5 dollars and GREAT to place the turkey and the brine.

Free range turkey-4

Turkey looking like a fish inside an aquarium!  Ready to go to the refrigerator to rest during 16 hours.

This recipient gets really heavy, so we removed the plastic drawers from the refrigerator and placed it on the refrigerator’s “floor”.   This way we did not risk a broken shelf as all shelves of the refrigerator are made with glass and plastic.

We went to sleep and the turkey did the same inside the refrigerator! 🙂


BIG DAY!   Thursday, November, 24th!

I started the day cooking the potatoes to make a potato salad.  I also cooked a dark chocolate brownie.

My son arrived around noon to help me with the cooking.


While I was busy in the kitchen, the boys were chatting and watching tv. 🙂


The turkey came out from the refrigerator….

Thanksgiving food-8Red apple, cinnamon and other spices cooked in the microwave and inserted inside the turkey

Thanksgiving food-5

The turkey getting ready to go to the oven.

Thanksgiving food-1

There it is!  Beautiful turkey roasting.

The recipe states that the turkey must be in the oven during 30 minutes at 500F !   I used 450F because the roaster I bought  should be used at no more than 450F.  Almost the same… I only added a  few more minutes…

Thanksgiving food-2

As the temperature was very high, we had a few smoke around the kitchen.  This was enough for the fire alarm!  Huge noise! We got scared that the firemen would come!  My son took care of the smoke detector and we also opened veranda doors. The smoke detector went silent.

Thanksgiving turkey-2

I bought a thermometer at Macy’s that cost only 11 dollars.  Very good and practical.  After the initial 30 minutes with the oven at 450F,   I reduced the temperature to 350F and waited till the thermometer showed 160F inside the turkey’s breast.

Thanksgiving turkey-2

While I was cooking we were drinking an excellent wine brought by my son.

Almost time!!!!  Turkey is ready!!!


The turkey looks pretty, he?  I also cooked green beans as a side dish.

Potato Salad-1Potato salad:  With mayonnaise, celery, green apples, eggs…..

Turkey for Thanksgiving-1Excellent recipe!  I chose this recipe because it had more than 3000 reviews and indeed it is fabulous.

Lets the show starts! 🙂

We had our prayers and after thanking God for so many wonderful things He has been giving us,  we started to eat.

Turkey for Thanksgiving-1

Our table, with cranberries sauce, chestnuts, green peas, orange&vodka…..

It was roasted and the interior was not dry like a desert.  It was “juicy” !

Everyone ate more than one time!  🙂

Fantastic recipe and I am glad I followed the recipe with a lot of detail.  It was the first time I prepared a Thanksgiving dinner;  first time roasting a turkey and first time I ate and prepared cranberries!  The result was fantastic.

I hope  to be in the United States of America next year,  during the Thanksgiving Celebration.  I will cook this same recipe again!

You can find the turkey recipe here:

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