Christmas in the United States

We are very happy to be here, in the United States during Christmas!  As everyone knows, we love the United States and have traveled here many times  but this is the first time we are here during Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Party happened at my son’s house _ that is just across the street. They prepared delicious food there and  I was the one to cook my special recipe of ham. I also cooked my famous “lucky lentils”.

Ham Recipe

Ham Recipe


Here I am, preparing the ham.

This is a very simple recipe that I used to cook during our Christmas’ celebrations in Brazil.

To prepare this recipe, it’s necessary to use a ham that comes with the bone.

In the morning, spread yellow mustard with 10 tbs of “sugar in a row” around it.   Add 3 glasses of orange juice.   Cover with aluminum foil and bake (280F)  for 1 hour and 30 minutes.   Once in a while give a look, and if it is getting dry, add more orange juice.

Remove the cover and keep in the oven  for an additional 30 -45 minutes.

I usually add peaches to decorate it.

I added “farofa”, a Brazilian dish that is made with cassava flour, butter, onions and eggs.

As soon as we arrived at my son’s house we had a great surprise!  They have decorated everything with Christmas motifs and it was BEAUTIFUL!     The table was beautifully appointed. I must add that my son’s girlfriend, “A”,   has an excellent taste for decor.   She even produced a  written  menu  containing the delicious courses we were going to taste during the beautiful night.

“A”  gave the perfect gift for the tech guy: gloves that can be used with the iPhone, because they are “sensitive” .   So…. no need to remove the gloves while  using the iPhone or iPad!  He loved them!

I got a beautiful blouse from Banana Republic!  I thought it could not fit as the size is x-small  but…. thanks to  my constant “weight watch”  and “everyday gym”   the blouse fit perfectly!

“A” also gave us a delicious box with chocolates but unfortunately we didn’t take a picture of it.   We did it better:  We ate it!!!  LOL

I wish you all a wonderful 2012 that is coming in a few days!

After this very pleasant night we drove home.  It is so nice to live in the same street! All we had to do was to cross the street! We went by car because it was a cold night!


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