USA x Brazil: Customer Service

One of the reasons we deeply love the USA is because everything here is honest and uncomplicated.

I have a Brazilian email account. Daily, I receive at least  four emails from banks in Brazil “alerting”  that I must  do “this and that” on my bank account.  These scam emails come as if sent by the banks themselves, containing bank logo etc and look very real.  They never fooled us but I guess many people are affected.

In fact  the emails are not sent by the banks, they are sent by unscrupulous individuals  trying to insert a “bug”  in the computer in order to steal  account details.

This is the way things happen in Brazil,  and everyone there will have a story like that to tell.

I can’t imagine the amount of people in Brazil who are fooled by internet bandits in a daily basis.

Why this happen?  Because no one there seems interested in arresting bad guys.

It can’t be so  difficult to look for an IP address and know the origin of a malicious email!

Why no one is arrested in Brazil? I have no clue!

Criminals live FREELY in Brazil.

Honest people in Brazil,  pay high taxes to live scared, locked behind bars. Almost all houses and wealthy apartment buildings look like jails, with many bars and alarms around its premises.  While this happens, criminals walk freely on the streets.

While living  in the USA I did not get  one  single malicious email regarding USA banks.   Why not?  Because the police in the USA works to protect its citizens.

One more thing?   Customer service.

In the USA,  retailers respect customers.

In Brazil, it’s the opposite. Retailers  have no respect for customers.

Just try to exchange any product in Brazil and you will see a live nightmare.

There’s no “money back” policy there. The “maximum” retailers will do in Brazil is:  exchange the product by another one that costs equal or more. And even so,  it will not be easy. They will do whatever they can to avoid exchanging a product.  There’s NO WAY  you will receive money back in Brazil.   No way.   It is an absurd but.. it is Brazil.

While in Brazil it took me FIFTEEN DAYS to cancel a mobile account (I kept calling Nextel DAILY but they did every effort possible to “keep”  me as a client).  Only after 15 days calling many times a day and saying I would sue them,  I could cancel my account.  (Oh yes… I had all my bills paid, etc… ). They don’t want to  let the customer go,  so it is almost impossible to cancel any kind of service in Brazil.

Same to cancel cable TV in Brazil.  It takes days, until you get your service CANCELLED. They will do whatever they can to postpone your cancelation and while they postpone it… you pay.

Just have a look on Brazilian  websites for  phone companies, cable company,  mobile companies  etc.   You will see there are all sort of options like  “add services” , “like us on Facebook”, but there is NOT ONE SINGLE OPTION where it is written “cancel account” / “cancel service”.

In the USA,  all you need to do is log on the company’s  website and click  “cancel” .

Just press the bottom and……  you are all set.

Why they don’t do this in Brazil?  

Because in Brazil the dishonest people are always in advantage.   That is one of the many reasons  why we hate living there!


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