Day trip to Anguilla

What to do on Anguilla Island if you have only one day

If you are spending a few days in St Maarten / St Martin I highly recommend you go on a day trip to Anguilla.



We drove from Simpson Bay (where our hotel was located) to Marigot. We found a parking spot close to the Ferry Terminal that was free.

The ferry from St Martin to Anguilla cost only 15 American Dollars by passenger plus 5 dollars tax. There is no need to book as the ferries depart every 30 minutes.

Ferry to Anguilla-1

On our way to Anguilla by ferry

Tip: DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT. Anguilla belongs to the UK and you will need to fill out  forms at the border, and also present your passport to the local authorities.

We had our cooler with us but did not take any alcohol.  I am not sure if it’s possible to  enter the island with beer from another country, so, to play by the safe side we carried only mineral water with us.

The trip takes approximately twenty minutes. Although I read that the Anguilla Chanel is very calm we found a rough sea. Big waves all the way along.

When we arrived in Anguilla we waited a few minutes on the line in order to clear immigration.

From the ferry terminal we took a cab to Shoal Bay East. I read reports stating that this is the best beach on Anguilla. As we would be there for just one day, it would be better to concentrate in the best place! 🙂

Locals are super proud of their little island. We only met friendly people there.  Anguilla is a peaceful island with great scenery!

If you opt to drive, take extra care as you will be driving on the left side of the road. It’s United Kingdom, remember?

When we arrived at Shoal Bay we asked the taxi driver to return at 4pm for pick up. The taxi cost 26 dollars each way. We gave 30 each way and the driver was more than happy!

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On the left hand side of the beach there’s a  bar called Mac & Hanks. There I had a “Pina Colada” and my husband had a Caribbean beer there.

Shoal Bay East-5

Mac & Hanks, Anguilla

Beach chairs can re rented. It’s not expensive as two chairs + umbrella cost only 10 dollars for the whole day.

We walked all way along the beach (to the right hand side) to find Gwen’s Restaurant. I read that this would be the best place to drink and eat.

The beach is gorgeous, the sand was the whitest white we had ever seen.

I read  this beach is like a pool / lagoon with tranquil waters. It wasn’t like that on the day we went there. Local people told us that strong winds and a storm on the previous night changed the tides and it went high and sea became rough.

Anguilla Best Restaurant-5

Gwen’s Restaurant.

The meal at Gwen’s was wonderful and the portions are delicious and huge. Everything cost 65 dollars including tip! 🙂

At 4pm sharp we met our cab driver at the point we have previously scheduled. Before meeting him we bought  two lovely t-shirts at Zaza Boutique.

The ferry terminal was packed with people, with a large group of Italians tourists. We thought it would not have enough room for us on the 4.30pm ferry but… we were able fit in it.  We went on the upper deck, our favorite place to travel by boat, with the wind blowing directly on our faces! 🙂

The sea was really calm on the return trip. A completely different experience from the morning.

Leaving Anguilla

Leaving Anguilla

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We arrived at Marigot Ferry Terminal and from there we drove back to our hotel.

It was an excellent day trip and we are very happy we went to visit Anguilla. It is a special place, with friendly people and gorgeous beaches.


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