Lisbon’s strike against austerity

Lisbon strike day-1

We read on the news that a strike was planned for today so we  thought everything would be closed and that no public transportation would be available.   Not at all! Almost all shops were open and buses were operating as well.

Praça do Rossio

Praça Marquês de Pombal

We rented a very nice apartment during one month. It’s located very close to this square: Praça Marques de Pombal (Square Marques de Pombal)

Anyway…. we decided to walk instead of going to a distant place, afraid  the buses could stop at any minute. We didn’t want to get stuck. Also, the metro was closed.



Walking along the beautiful Avenida da Liberdade

Avenida dos Libertadores

Avenida da Liberdade

We went walking from our rented apartment along Avenida da Liberdade to Baixa.   There we  walked along Chiado streets.  Chiado is a very charming neighborhood that should be explored by foot.

Lisbon ruins-1

Convento do Carmo’s ruins

Lisbon strike day-5

View from the top of Dona Julia‘s lift.  We did not go on the lift, we went walking to the top of the hill

Lisbon arco-1

Arco da Rua Augusta at Largo do Paço.   Gorgeous!

Lisbon strike day-6

We didn’t like this restaurant

Cais das Colunas:  This is probably the worse restaurant in Lisbon!  We went because we saw an interesting contemporary decor but….  my cod was TERRIBLE (only bones and skin).

My husband asked for fried fish (pescada frita) and it came 10 minutes after my meal arrived, and…. it came wrong!

Instead of bringing the meal he ordered (pescada),  they brought tuna and green beans.  My husband said that was not his order.   The guy said: “ahhh….oh yes…..  the fish! Just a minute” .

It took ten more minutes and my husband said: “After this long waiting, I give up. I want to cancel my order” .   And the guy: “No… no need to cancel… I apologize… here is your plate!”

Guess what???  It was PASTA !!! Not the fish!!!   Wrong again?!?!?!

No way a restaurant can bring your food wrongly TWICE!!  We paid for my food (that I did not eat as it was terrible) and left.   So…. if you want to eat well while in Lisbon go elsewhere but avoid Cais das Colunas.

As for the strike…

Lisbon strike day-7I guess the “strike”  was not the way people planned.  There were few people participating and all services were open.  I don’t know about Portuguese politics but I guess when a crisis arrives, as it arrived in Europe, the best thing to do is work harder, instead of promoting strikes…

We returned to our apartment walking.  It was a “walking day in Lisbon”  and it was a pleasant one.

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