Estrela Basílica and Tram # 28, Lisbon

We walked from the apartment (located very close to Marques de Pombal Square)  to Estrela Basilica (Basílica da Estrela).

On our way along Rua Braamcamp  (Braamcamp Street)  we saw a wonderful example of Architectural preservation:   An old building facade was totally preserved and integrated to the facade of a new building!  The result is incredibly beautiful!

After seeing this building we noticed that there are several facades that are preserved (only the facades remains as the interior is totally demolished to make room for the new units created).

Look to the pictures below and see how interesting is this Architectural project!  If you are walking along Avenida da Liberdade or Parque Eduardo VII  you must walk to see this building.

Rua Braamcamp starts right at Marques de Pombal square and this building is located just one block away from  the square.

Lisbon Architecture-1

Look the detail:  Only the facade and the new building (glass) attached to the old facade

Lisbon Architecture-2

The old facade totally integrated to the new building

The photo below was taken on another day and in another neighborhood,  but you can see how hard is to keep an old facade while the new building is being constructed.

After enjoying to watch this clever way of preservation of the past we continued walking to a beautiful park called Jardim da Estrela located in front of Estrela Basilica.

Estrela Basílica-2

Estrela Basilica

Estrela Basilica is beautiful! The style is late baroque and neoclassical.

This Basilica was constructed by the Queen Maria I from Portugal.  She promised that if she  would give birth to a baby boy she would construct a Basilica.

José, Prince of Brazil was born and the construction work started in 1779. Unfortunately, this boy died from smallpox  when he was  9 years old.  The Basilica construction ended in 1790, after his death.

The tumb of Queen Mary I is located there.

Estrela Basílica-1

I love Saint Anthony and whenever I find him I take His picture

After visiting the Basilica we took the tram number 28.  This is a  very famous tram within tourists due to its vintage aspect,  and also because it passes along the most important touristic attractions.

I read on the Internet that you must be extra careful  with pickpockets while riding this tram.

As we entered in the starting point of the circuit,  the tram was empty and  we had seats near the window so we didn’t have to worry with our jean’s pockets!

Anyway… if you are riding tram # 28  take extra care.    I would recommend you go to Estrela Basilica by foot of bus and take the # 28 tram there.   This way you will be seated. making things tougher to pickpockets!

Tram 28 Lisbon-1

Dear husband on tram #28

The tram goes along many sites we have already visited like  Sé, Mirante de Santa Luzia, etc.  It was cool to go by tram along streets that were already familiar to us!

We dropped-off at Largo da Graça.  We were starving.  Where  to go?

We found a  simple place, Portuguese family style,  where we ate  a GORGEOUS,  DELICIOUS, WONDERFUL  meal!

Churrasco da Graça is an absolutely “MUST GO”  place in Lisbon!   The service is super-friendly and the food can’t get any better!  I ate grilled octopus that was………well…….. how can I say it?  It was the best octopus I have had in my life!   Excellent!

The place is super cheap too!  We had bread and butter (fresh and warm bread) + olives + 2  grilles octopuses with potato and salad + house wine (excellent) +  2 expressos.   It cost less than 25 Euros!  Can you believe this? 😀

Churrasco da Graça-1Delicious Octopus at “Churrasco da Graça”

Churrasco da Graça-2Dear husband and his octopus (we had the same choice)

Churrasco da Graça.  This is a “don’t miss restaurant”  while visiting Lisbon.  Simple, honest and delicious!

After lunch we took the # 28 tram going back to Estrela.

Tram # 28-1

Here we are, riding the # 28 tram

From Estrela we walked to Rato and on our way we saw the Portuguese Parliament building from the outside.  We don’t know if visitors are allowed as they are in Edinburgh.

Anyway… we were already tired and it was already late so… no visiting to the Parliament today!  🙂

Portuguese Parliament-1


When we were at Marques de Pombal Square we had a quick-stop at a local pastry shop (Confeitaria Marques de Pombal) were we ate delicious desserts before getting “home”!

Confeitaria Marques de Pombal-1

Delicious! Chantilly and almonds  (this was mine)

Confeitaria Marques de Pombal-2

Husband’s pastry. Plenty of natural whipped cream!


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