Quinta da Regaleira: Top place to visit in Portugal

The day was April, 4th, 2012.   If you read the previous post you will know how we arrived in Sintra and where we stayed.

We woke up and went to have breakfast at the same street of our pension.  In fact it was only two houses down the same street.   Breakfast was excellent and it was extremely cheap. 

After breakfast we took  bus # 435  in order to go to Quinta da Regaleira (Regaleira Palace and Gardens).   This is one of the most beautiful palaces I have visited, and I have visited many palaces along my life! 😀

Luigi Manini was the designer of this masterpiece and he spent 14 years there.  I had never seen such a detailed project before! Manini had a lot of attention to detail and all his drawings are on display on the third floor.


Quinta da Regaleira entrance



Quinta da Regaleira



The Chapel of the Palace although small is rich in architectural details.

There are many underground tunnels along Regaleira  Palace and you should take a flashlight with you if you enjoy this kind of walking (in the dark).   I prefer to have natural light and see the skies, so we didn’t enter in any of the underground passages.

Regaleira tunnels-10

Underground passages @ Quinta da Regaleira

From Regaleira Palace and Gardes we took the # 435  bus (same ticket is valid for the whole day) and we dropped off at Monserrate Palace and Gardens.   The guy that sells tickets at the entrance told us to go using the left hand  side of the gardens because although it is a longer way to the Palace it is prettier.   In fact is was very very pretty!!!


Monserrate is another Architectural masterpiece. There was  restauration work in progress during our visit.  The good thing is that  we were able to see the artisans working while we were visiting the Palace!  Super cool!






Monserrat-4After visiting Monserrate we took the # 435 bus to Sintra Historical Center.  There we went to a “Pastelaria”  where we ate delicious cod cakes and delicious “Queijadas”  (small cheese cake made at the region).   When you go to Sintra, do yourself a  favor and ask for a “queijada” ! It is absolutely delicious!!


We are angels!!!

This was taken while we walked back to the pension.   Pretty funny….  now it looks like we are “angels” … haha

From Sintra Historical Center we walked to “Monte da Lua Rooms”  where we  picked up our backpacks that were stored there since morning and got in the train back to Lisbon.

We returned to Lisbon by train. We were lucky because the train was almost departing when we arrived at the station, so we had less than 1 minute waiting!

From Rossio Station we took the metro to Marques de Pombal Station and walked to our rental flat.

We loved Sintra and we are glad that we allowed two full days to visit the town.  

It would be impossible to go  to all sites in just one day!   Two days was a tide schedule as we didn’t have time to stop / rest the whole day!  If you want more time to relax, etc or if you are not “totally fit” / “in shape”,   allow three full days there.

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