Churrasco da Graça: Excellent food in Lisbon

We had one more wonderful day in Lisbon. We decided to go to “Churrasco da Graça” where we had a wonderful meal just a few days ago. This time it was not different: We had one of our best meals ever!

If you want to eat excellent Portuguese food at a restaurant located “off the tourist track” you should try Churrasco da Graça.  It is an unpretentious place, in Portuguese style, familiar ambiance, friendly waiters and delicious food!

Churrasco da Graça Restaurant

Churrasco da Graça Restaurant

I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who is visiting, studying or working in Lisbon!

Address of Churrasco da Graça: Largo da Graca, 43, Lisbon, Portugal

You also can read the review I wrote on Tripadvisor about this place.

If you are in Lisbon I highly recommend a visit to “Largo da Graça” . Besides the great food you will find lovely churches and monuments that you want to visit nearby.Here are some pictures of our walking, after we had lunch.

Igreja da Graça

Igreja da Graça

Churrasco da Graça-10

Igreja da Graça, Inerior

The National Pantheon: Originally, this building was a Church of Santa Engrácia (from the 17th century). The interesting fact about it is that it was not completely finished till 1966. The decision to convert the church to the National Pantheon was taken in 1916. Since them, the most important Portuguese personalities have been buried in this place.

Churrasco da Graça-12

Pantheon, Lisbon, Portugal

Churrasco da Graça-13

Pantheon, Lisbon, Portugal

Churrasco da Graça-11

Miradouro ad Feira da Ladra


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