Lisbon to Porto by Car

If you are used to drive in Canada or in the US, be extra careful in Portugal. Portuguese drivers are usually more aggressive than North Americans. You will also notice that horns are not “the last resort”: They are used frequently.

It’s also common for Portuguese drivers go over the speed limit and drive too close to the next car. Keep an eye on your mirrors and in case you feel  threatened, pull over and let them pass.  🙂

Boca do Inferno-1

Cascais: Boca do Inferno

Boca do Inferno-2

Boca do Inferno

We found Cascais more scenic and natural than Estoril, although this is only a superficial opinion as we did not spent a lot of time in any of them. I leave my Portuguese friends with their comments on this! 🙂

Mealhada: Tasting the tender piglet

From Cascais / Estoril  we drove to Mealhada as we wanted to taste the uber-famous tender piglet (small infant pig).

We tried “Pedro dos Leitões”  but the parking lot has a big sign where is written:  “we are not responsible for objects and theft inside  of the vehicles” .

As we were with ALL our stuff inside the trunk and the unsupervised parking lot is on the other side of the road, we  decided on another restaurant nearby: Rei dos Leitões.

Rei dos Leitões-7.jpg

Rei dos Leitões, Mealhada, Portugal

The service was super friendly and courteous and the food was delicious!  The potato fries were awesome (very thin and tasty)!  The desserts were GREAT as well.  I must add that the piglet  _ the main reason for us to go there _ was tender and delicious.


After lunch the waiter took us to tour the premises.  We went to see  the kitchen where he explained about the whole process _ since the animals’ arrival (alive) till they become a dish on the table.  I didn’t want to hear “how” they die but the waiter guaranteed that they do not suffer.  I do hope so….

After the delicious lunch we continued driving up North,  going to our new rental place. A modern and charming apartment located at Foz do Douro, Porto, Portugal.

We arrived at Porto around 4pm and were greeted by the apartment’s owner.  The apartment’s decor is modern (the way I like it) and we found it  spotless clean. We have a “new Portuguese house” for the next month!

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