Visiting Croft Port, Wine Cellars

When we arrived at Cais da Ribeira we crossed the bridge by foot and went to Gaia.  There we tried to visit Sandeman Cellars but they were closed as it was lunchtime.

When walking along the river you should pay attention on the construction facades as some of them have flooding marks that occurred in the past.  It’s unbelievable how high the water came in these buildings,  and its painful to imagine what might have happened to the wine casks storage inside.


Here I am at the side of the marks draw on the wall showing where the water had been on previous flooding along Porto. These are located by the entrance of Sandeman Cellars.

We continued walking along the river and entered in a small street that went up the hill.  When you look to Sandeman’s facade, this street is the first one on the right of Sandeman building.

The more we walked along this calm street the prettier the constructions became. When we noticed we were in front of Croft Cellars.

We entered Croft Cellars and had the great surprise they were open! They don’t close for lunch and in fact they also have tours! We waited five minutes and went on the 1PM winery tour.

At Croft Cellars you can choose between a free tour where they give you a try at the end,  or a “paid tour”  that cost €3 each and you will be able to sip two other Ports, making it a “3 tastings”. For just €3 this is an amazing deal! 🙂

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Nice brief history of the port house and a simple explanation of the different types of port and the processes they go through. Our guide was friendly and informative. She explained everything without  being boring.  We learned a lot and had an amazing time there.

Tour Wine Architecture-1

Tour Wine Architecture-2

Croft Port Wine Cellar and its beautiful ancient building.

When there you must pay special attention to the ancient building and the constructive methods used in the past. It’s amazing!

After the tour we sat to drink our tastings and the one we preferred was the Port that was aged during 10 years.  The bottle cost €17.00 but  we didn’t buy as we still have Port at our rental place.

I highly recommend this wine tour and I also recommend anyone in Porto to go to at least one cellar for the experience.

After visiting Croft Cellars we found a very simple and nice place to eat. Unfortunately I don’t remember the restaurant’s name, but it is on the street that goes perpendicular to the river and is located at the corner of Sandeman Cellar.

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Croft Port Wine CellarsRua Barao de Forrester, 412Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.


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