Visiting a Portuguese jewel: Aveiro

We went first to Ovar, as it is closer to Porto than Aveiro.

Ovar is not  a pretty town because the architectural styles are mixed and there is lack or urban planning. The ancient houses are not preserved as they should, so there’s not an “Old Town” as we find in many European cities.

An exception is Ovar’s Main Church as it is  astonishingly beautiful. In my opinion it’s beauty is reason enough to visit Ovar.

From Ovar we drove to Aveiro.   The road doesn’t go along the ocean, so we can’t see the sea, as I supposed we would.

Aveiro is an old fish village, it  has an old fish market (projected by Gustave Eiffel) and there are water channels along the way.

It is a mixed city: Interesting and pretty houses versus very ugly ones.   It is a pity that the “soul”  of many  fish villages is not preserved and there are new constructions (some of them from the 70’s ;  80’s)  constructed with very design.

Aveiro cecil-1.jpg

We  searched Tripadvisor looking for a place to eat and the “number 1”  restaurant on Tripadvisor’s list was closed (it closes on Wednesdays).  We went to the restaurant listed as “number 2”  on Tripadvisor, called “O Batel”.  “O Batel” is a small restaurant, with an excellent air conditioner (it was a hot day!),  excellent jazz playing on the recorder with an A+ service. The prices were reasonable and the food was really marvelous.  I ate a “grilled dourada” that  was excellent  and hubby ate chicken with mushrooms.

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Excellent Restaurant @ Aveiro: O Batel

Restaurant “O Batel”: Rua do Tenete Rezende 21, Aveiro
Aveiro style-1

Mixed styles…

After lunch we went for a walk around the city and…  well…. it is a city with very few people  on the streets (probably because it was a warm day?)  without a  “central square”.


There was a major attraction waiting for us! We got on the scenic boat tour! This is really the best thing to do while visiting Aveiro!

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The boat is called “Monticello” and the tour takes 45 minutes along natural channels. The price is excellent. as it cost only 5 Euros (each)!  The tour starts in the old part of the town and goes under a couple of bridges ending at the newest part of the town.

From the boat we saw Aveiro Shopping Center and when the tour was over we went there to buy more credits to my sim-card (Vodafone).

From Aveiro we drove back to Porto where we arrived around 6.30PM.

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