Sandeman Port Wine: The 1790 Tour

After visiting Croft Port Cellar a few days ago and Alto Douro Region two days ago we decided to visit Sandeman Port Wine cellars located at Vila Nova de Gaia.
We took the # 500 bus to Cais da Ribeira and walked through the bridge to Gaia.\

When we arrived at Sandeman, around 11AM, we were informed that  the next  guided tour would be in French.   Tours in English or Portuguese would be conducted only after lunch (they close for lunch and re-open at 2PM).

We decided to kill time walking to Afurada. It is FAR AWAY (to go walking) but the temperature was pleasant so we had a lot of fun enjoying the views, taking pictures and anticipating lunch (we decide to return to “Forneria São Pedro” to repeat the delicious pizza we ate there a few days ago).

While we were walking along the river we saw these crazy guys walking along the bridge’s structure. Could be maintenance work, but anyway it gave me thrills! 🙂

When we arrived at Forneria São Pedro we were happy to notice that we would not have to wait, as there were few people there (it was before 1PM and I guess it gets crowded later (last time we were there we had to wait almost 20 minutes and it was 2PM!!!)
Like the previous time, the pizza was DELICIOUS. I repeated the “Seafood Pizza” and hubby repeated the Capricciosa Pizza. We drank fours “finos” (“fino” is the Portuguese name for a small draft beer).

We also ate desert. I ate a tiramisu and hubby ate a beautiful Portuguese dessert made with a lot of eggs (Folhado com Ovos Moles). We had two expresso that were also delicious.

After lunch we tried to take a bus to go to Sandeman but were informed by a local lady that the buses run every 60 minutes! Not for us! We took a cab and asked to be dropped at Sandeman. That was a very wise decision,  as the cab was cheap (€ 3.50) and in less than ten minutes we were there. No point walking all way back with a warmer sun and a full belly!  🙂

When we arrived at Sandeman we waited 5 minutes till the cellar opened for the public and we bought our entrance for the “1790 Tour“. This tour is EXCELLENT!  It cost € 15.00 by person but you have a lot of attention during the tour and you can taste five different Port wines after the tour. WONDERFUL. We learned a lot about Port Wine and we a had a delicious and memorable time trying different wines.

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If you are visiting Porto, I highly recommend you go on “1790 Tour” at Sandeman. We were lucky because there were only the two of us and the tour became a “private tour” . It should be in English (2PM tour) but as there were only us,  who are native Portuguese speakers, the tour was conduct in Portuguese.


Rare Port Wines are kept here. Some of them cost 7,000 Euros!


This picture shows a secret passage from the time the building was a Monastery (that was before Sandeman Cellars).


Sandman Cellars, Porto, Portugal

I give  A+ for this great tour .  Our guide, dressed with the traditional black cape,  was excellent as well.

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Sandeman is a wonderful place to visit,  and you will see and learn a lot there.

Sandeman  Tasting Great-1

Our private wine tasting @ Sandeman Port Cellars

Sandeman  Tasting Great-2

Port wine has a high  percentage of alcohol so we felt a little bit “high” after the tour! 🙂

Sandeman  Tasting Great-3

There’s no more. End of the “show”!  We tasted it all!

After our tour at Sandeman we took some pictures of Porto City viewed from Gaia.

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From Sandeman we got a cab to the city center as we had some personal business at the British Council Office. From the British Council we walked to the bus stop and got the #500 bus back to Foz Velha where our rental apartment is located. While walking in downtown we had time to visit one of the prettiest buildings in Porto, not only the facade but the interior as well: The beautiful “Lello and Brothers” bookstore.

Lello and Brothers-1

Wow, what an awesome day we had!  🙂

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