Staying in Vieira do Minho

We stayed in the beautiful city of  Porto  during one month (from 20th April to 20th May 2012).

If you want advice about accommodation, restaurants, sightseeing, etc  just drop me a line  and I’ll be happy  to provide additional tips.

While in the city of Porto we stayed at the best neighborhood: The fancy “Foz” (meaning near “Foz do Douro”). In fact we were at “Foz Velha”, the “cherry on top of the cake”, as it is where the most beautiful and exclusive houses are located.

I do recommend staying around “Foz” instead of downtown Porto. Foz is liver, safer and prettier.

On May 20th we packed our Mitsubishi car (called “ligeiro” in Portugal) and drove to Vieira do Minho.

The highways in Portugal are excellent although Portuguese drivers are very aggressive.

We made reservations to stay at a “Quinta” (large cottage) called “Casa da Cuqueira” . The region is pretty and the house was super comfortable.



The rental cottage came with a lovely dog!  🙂



Kika was super friendly and polite!  While we were cooking she stayed at our side without complaining or trying to eat our food.  She was always close to us, simply enjoying our company. 🙂

We stayed at Casa da Cuqueira during 8 nights (from  May 20th  to May 28th,  2012).   During our staying we had lovely walks around the town,  we cooked barbecue many times and we also went to visit nearby attractions.

Where to eat:

There aren’t many restaurants in Vieira do Minho.  We went to a couple of them and found the bests one to be “Restaurante Café Central” and “Restaurante Arial”.

All by all we enjoyed our staying at Casa da Cuqueira.   It was comfortable, clean and the views were awesome.  My main COMPLAIN is that the internet connection was AWFUL.    If you need Internet, look to another place and don’t stay there.    The problem was not with the connection, the problem was  with the wi-fi network.   As the router stays inside the main house, an old building  constructed with large stones, the signal could not travel through so…. “The Alpendre”   (the cottage where we stayed) had no connection at all.

To access the internet I had to go walking along the garden, near the main house,  to receive a VERY WEAKY signal that was constantly INTERRUPTED. To stay outside trying to access the internet was  also the “passport” to be “eaten alive” by insects, specially between 6 and 7 pm..

Before going to Casa da Cuqueira I explicitly asked  “Is there good Internet connection available?”   and the answer was “YES, we do have” . They  don’t. That’s the unique reason I can’t recommend this place.

While staying in Vieira do Minho we visited the Gerês National Park. It’s a huge park located in the north region of Portugal (approximately 30 minutes driving from Casa da Cuqueira, Vieira do Minho). The park  goes all to the Spanish border. It’s very scenic there.

Gerês National Park

Geres nos-1

Gerês National Park

Geres nos-2

Gerês National Park

While staying at Casa da Cuqueira we also visited Valença do Minho and Tui (Spain). Pictures below and full post about our day trip in the next post! 🙂


Valença do Minho


Valença do Minho


Valença do Minho


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