Day trip to Spain

Day trip to Tui

We were staying in a beautiful cottage in Vieira do Minho, Portugal. From there we drove to Valença do Minho where we visited the beautiful walled village.

After a delightful linch in Valença do Minho we crossed the metal bridge designed by Eiffel and entered Spain.


Tui is a beautiful town that can be easily visited, specially if you are already in northern Portugal. There are several attractions there, and Santa Maria Cathedral is, for sure, the main attraction.

We enjoyed not only the beautiful architecture but also the gardens around the cathedral. It’s possible to access the Cathedral’s roof by a small staircase at the back of the cathedral cloisters. It’s claustrophobic (at least for me), as the access is pretty dark (the light comes on as you walk).

Santa Maria-2

Tui –  Cathedral de Santa Maria

Santa Maria-1

Santa Maria Cathedral, Spain

Santa Maria-3

Santa Maria Cathedral, interior

Santa Maria-4

Santa Maria Cathedral, detail

The cathedral was founded in the 13th century and served as both a cathedral and a fortress since them. The portico is particularly fine, with excellent carvings around the doorway.  The inside has excellent stonework and vaults.

There are cloisters that can be visited and we really enjoyed it. Built in romanesque trending to gothic style, this masterpiece is best appreciated when viewed from the bottom of the hill, or even better, from across the river, while you are in Valença, Portugal.



Santa Maria roof-1

Access to the cathedral’s roof

Santa Maria roof-2

View from the cathedral’s roof

Santa Maria roof-3

View from the mid-section, coming back down

Many people come to Tui on their way to “Camino de Santiago”. Tui certainly  worth a trip.

Where to Eat:

We had lunch in Portugal so we went for biting some tapas in Tui. There are several restaurants and small bistros, all of them looking great. The service we got there was professional and very friendly.

After walking around a while we got back to Portugal and drove to Pontes de Lima.


Best view of Tui’s Cathedral is from Portugal


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