One day on Crete Island

This is the continuation of our cruise along the mediterranean sea. If you would like to read from the beginning, please click here. If you want to read about our previous port of call (Santorini), please click here.

Visiting Crete (Day #5 of our cruise)

In my opinion, it should be  “mandatory”  to wake up before dawn when traveling on a cruise ship, specially when cruising  a beautiful place like the Mediterranean!

Each sunrise is different and it is a privilege to be able to observe the first sunbeams.

Looking to the front of the ship I could see parts of Crete island and a beautiful full moon shinning over Crete. Awesome!

The vessel docked at the port of Souda located on Crete Island.  Souda is approximately 4km distant from the Old Town of Chania.

The buses where at the pier terminal waiting for passengers.  Tariff was only 1.50€ per passenger.

We disembarked at the “main square”, where we got a small free map from one of the tour operators.


Fiske Fortress, one of the main attractions in Chania

We went walking by beautiful streets with many flowering trees. We asked for directions to go to the sea, and although the couple in the store where we entered to ask, didn’t speak English,  they were kind enough to go out and point the correct direction after  I pointed the sea on my map. Mimic always help when we are traveling to a foreign country, he? 🙂


We saw many cars like this one. Fortunately we didn’t rent a car in Greece.

I took this picture only to remind myself how bad it can be to drive in Greece! We saw many cars without both car side mirrors!  I guess it is because they go fast, the streets are narrow and…. s***  happens!   🙂

We were glad to be using public transportation + our feet.  Just imagine to drive without side mirrors or to have them damaged by another driver. 😦

Chania a-3
Chania a-1
Chania a-2

After walking along the narrow and old streets we went on a boat excursion with a glass bottom in order to see many “sea creatures”  (accordingly to the flier).  Well….is what was promised by the tour operator….

The 45 minutes excursion cost € 15.00  each.

We had to wait 15 more minutes after the scheduled departure time because the company was waiting for the clearance from the sea authorities, as the sea was rough and the tides were high.

When we finally departed, we had beautiful views of the Old Port of Chania but I regret to say that this excursion was a waste of time and money as we didn’t see one single “sea creature” .  Not even a fish.  Not even an aquarium fish.  We saw N-A-D-A.

Glass boat-1


Glass boat-3

On the glass boat

Glass boat-2

Views from the boat

Glass boat-5

Another glass boat on the same route

Glass boat-4

The “glass floor”

Glass boat-6

Guy from the boat jumps in the water and swim under the boat. No fishes at all.

Glass boat-8

Views are pretty. Snow covered peaks.

Glass boat-9

In my opinion, the “glass boat excursion” is a tourist trap.

Glass boat-7

Rough seas, specially on the way back.

After the excursion it was time for a glass of wine. Maybe this would help to forget the money we spent for nothing?  🙂

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From the bar we went directly to the church: The Ortodox Cathedral is pretty famous.

We returned walking to the same square where we disembarked from the bus and waited for the next bus to go back to the ship. We didn’t wait, it was fast and many passengers were returning as well.  Time to have some “relaxing time”  onboard of Equinox.

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Bye Bye Souda, Crete! We are departing!

Please visit our Chania Gallery on Flickr clicking here

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